Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On Hold

While not mentioning any names, there has recently been a little smugness on this blog--using up stash (perhaps a tiny victory dance at passing 13,000 yards--but just a teeny, tiny one), finishing WIPs, finishing a birthday present early. This sort of behavior is rarely tolerated by the Knitting Fates and today was their day to smite me the offending knitter.

* I started to finish WIP number 8--the very late birthday poncho--only to discover I am out of yarn for that project as well. It wasn't discovered until I--I mean "The Knitter"--was already in pajamas for the evening and not about to venture out again.

* I picked up two tubes of beads to finish Fleur. Unfortunately, they are the wrong color. When I went back to Craft Warehouse to get the right color, they didn't have them. I--I mean "she"--will try again next week.
* The yarn to finish Fir Cone is en route, but only in Denver as of tonight. The Denver US Postal Facility is the only place I've ever had packages lost, and so many of them have gotten lost there that I think "Help Yourself" must be part of their employee retirement plan. I will sleep easier when the yarn is safely out of Colorado & the land of Lightfinger Louie.

Everything else being "On Hold," I double-checked some of the other Works in Progress. As I have multiple cable needles, at least one more skein than the pattern calls for, and I am not allowed to even go near it with beads, Andy's latest sweater--begun sometime prior to 2008--was the winner for today.

It's been zipping along this evening, but I promise that I am not the slightest bit smug....nope, not me. Not ever.