Saturday, March 4, 2017

And This Week's Lesson Learned........

If one is cutting out a thick fabric--say, a thinner fleece perhaps--if the layout instructions say to cut out 2 matching pieces on the fold,
the squishiness of the fabric could be an even bigger factor than one originally thinks.  Between the two collar pieces and the interfacing, I have three separate sizes here.  REALLY separate sizes.  Luckily,
if I can get it away from Callisto, I have enough fabric to cut out more collar pieces, and this time laying the pattern piece flat so the two pieces will, I assume, come out to be the same size.  One never knows for sure with sewing, but there's always hope in my heart that the Sewing Gods are in a good mood.  Or have someone else to bother.

Aside from this fairly major collar issue, Andy's Valentine Shirt progresses,
 and could actually be done by Saint Patrick's Day.  We're flexible like that with holidays.

So, I might have gotten so excited about all the cool new designs that I ordered more towels,
like maybe 2 12-packs.  But,

I've now embroidered 4 of them.....and still have several new designs to try out.  Ahem.....

Thanks to the crafting time bribery, I'm still plugging away at the job search and
in addition to the towels, have made quite a bit of progress on the Begonia Swirl scarf/shawl.  I need to get back to the pink sweater, but the shawl is so mindless right now that it makes a perfect I-have-just-filled-out-yet-more-webforms-with-information-you-could-just-get-from-my-resume-if-you-had-bothered-to-look-at-it-and-am-rritable-and-tired project.  I had been previously unaware of this particular project classification, but it's a very real one.  It's probably closely related to the more general "I-knit-so-I-won't-hurt-anyone," which is very popular.

Today it's raining, so I am Chief Kitty Entertainer today it seems.  Theo woke me up at 2:00 AM to inform me of this, so now after we've changed the sheets on the bed, he's tired and is napping.  Poor thing--I think I'll go wake him up......and make another pot of coffee.  I now understand the attraction of fish as pets.