Friday, August 9, 2013

Still WIP-ing.

.....but to add just a bit of variety, and to potentially finish something in the near future, I have been working on the beaded Ostrich Plume scarf:
One good thing about having a lot of WIPs is one does have a lot of variety on a WIP marathon. 

My new physical therapist seems to be really helping, but she's doing some soft tissue work on me, and it's a bit tender to sit, so
I have been finishing sugar cookie ornaments.  Now that my craft table has been raised, it's the perfect height for someone with a tender derriere.  Now there's a description one doesn't see in furniture catalogs very often........

 it has allowed me to get a few more ornaments ahead today.  I may be cookied-out for a while, but this last one makes ornament 236 and today is the 221st day of the year, so IF I were foolish enough to say such things within the hearing of the Crafting Gods, I would be bragging about being 15 ornaments ahead.  However, long experience has shown me that they are vindictive bastards with great hearing, so I'm saying nothing of the kind.  It's safest this way................