Sunday, March 4, 2012

Okay--I Hate Math

Today someone on the Cold Sheeping thread on Ravelry asked me if I had any idea what my net stash decrease has been after all this Cold Sheeping.  I know from my side tallies that I have knit up 357 balls/skeins/hanks/whatever.  That's sort of the easy part.  BUT, in the 4 years 2 months of Cold Sheeping, there have been "reward purchases" at the end of the year, a few "dang, I ran out of yarn and need more" purchases, the chemo-cap project, gifts, a few I-don't-actually-have-the-right-yarn purchases, and the infamous "I am on pain pills, in pain, feeling sorry for myself, and basically bribing myself to not murder anyone" purchase in November.  So, that isn't a net stash decrease.  I have now gone through my blog, through my Ravelry stash & stash used up tabs, and I think I can say with reasonable accuracy that the stash IN has been 212 balls, so the true NET decrease is 145 balls.  I did donate a big bag of icky acrylic yarns, but did not keep track of that, but there were at least 10 big Red Heart "Super Saver" skeins, so that would make it 155.  Not an astounding amount for 4 years, but part of me is slightly amazed that I have managed ANY net decrease because I couldn't ever manage it before.  There is NO WAY that I will try to figure up how much yarn I added to my stash in a year prior to Cold Sheeping, as I sincerely believe it would be MORE than 145 balls in a single year.  There is math that is simply too painful to do.