Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's A Conspiracy!

I didn't get to work on the table runner today either...

It seems they're taking turns now.

So instead, I finished the BSJ..YAY!!!!!

I'm thinking navy blue buttons would look fabulous...which of course I don't have in my stash. 

And, just to spite the cats, I made a towel today as well:

The stabilizer still needs to be washed off, but I love how it turned out.  Unfortunately, the coffee cup is embroidered with REALLY long satin stitch, so I need to see if I can change that.  Otherwise, it's not a great design for a towel because it won't hold up to many washings.  Now, if I had ever read the instruction manual that came with the software, I would probably know exactly how to do it--and would possibly even know how to check what it will do BEFORE stitching it out.  As it is......I'll be lucky to find the manual.  At any rate.....

7 down - 93 to go!!!!!!!