Friday, December 19, 2008

We Still Have Cast!

Friday night at 7:12, we still have the purple cast:It's about an inch lower on his leg, but the vet promises that this is still okay. Theo has eaten some of it as well, which the vet makes no promises about.

This morning I threw all the stocking in the wash, dried them, got them out to iron, and discovered:
You don't see a hanger loop, do you? That would be because AS MADE ACCORDING TO THE PATTERN the hanger loop is 2 inches shorter than the stocking cuff. AARRGHHHHHH!!!

By this point, even knowing that the stockings would be completely useless, I almost sent them anyway. After a couple cups of coffee and the return of my pride, I cut the loops at the point where the cuff & leg meet, then reattached them BY HAND about an inch down on the cuff. 5 have already been finished and boxed up--totally spacing the picture--but I saved the latest three:There are still 3 more to finish, but they don't have to be mailed so I'll finish them tomorrow. Not that I think any of these will make it by Christmas, but to have them ON THEIR WAY before Christmas will be reassuring.

Theo was feeling good enough to join me:
and even condescended to be photographed with the new scarf:We're almost to the 4-week mark!