Friday, June 20, 2014

From a Friend Who Has Seen My Craft Room

And It's Off!

Or will be if the printer ever spits out the shipping label.  I honestly wonder sometimes if technology has truly sped things up or just added new things to go wrong.  At any rate,
the wedding gift for our niece getting married is finished, wrapped, and packed!  Andy made the napkin rings,
which he made with thin sheets of aluminum between the layers of wood to get a thin silver band.  We saw this technique used at the Woodturner's Association show earlier this year, and while it took a few attempts to get it right, I love how they turned out.

The table runner was a last-minute idea.  Originally, I had intended to do this
which was in the current issue of Sew News
which is a nice magazine and worth checking out if, like me, you maybe aren't up to the level of Threads yet.  I even picked up the ribbon for it,
but ran into a little difficulty over the directions.  They use water-soluble stabilizer with paper backing, which I don't have and haven't found in anything but 12-inch widths, which I think would complicate matters.  I think I can work it out with regular wash-away stabilizer, but I didn't want to hold up a gift while I experimented,
especially since I'll be making one for us to work out the technique, so
I found some poplin that I'd picked up to make place mats for us, and because it has a little bit of polyester in it, I used a heavy craft interfacing as the batting/stabilizer.  It makes a lovely weight for the runner, but it is so stiff that I wasn't sure I'd be able to hoop it.  The decorative stitching out from the center held it in place without adding too much, because I wasn't exactly sure if I'd be able to add anything to the edges.  I tried a decorative stitch right on the edging, but made the mistake of trying the walking foot while doing it, which doesn't work on all fabrics.  So, I got to pick out 10-inches of decorative stitching.  I do try not to swear while making gifts, but at times like these, I'm not always successful...........

I ended up edge-stitching all the way around the runner using my blind hem foot, then
added decorative stitching about one inch from the edge where the seam allowance couldn't be an issue and so it would pick up where the ribbon stitch left off, 
and I must admit that I'm quite pleased with the result.  AND IT'S FINISHED PROJECT 42!!!  And if I finished 8 projects in the next 10 days, I'll be all caught up!!!!!!!!!

Why does that not strike me as a completely crazy idea?