Sunday, July 1, 2018

There Has Been Crafting!

So the problem with the terrible "trainer" at work did NOT get resolved, but at least last week we got a bit of a reprieve because all but one of the sales team came down with a vicious cold and all but one of us called out sick on Monday.  I, unfortunately, was not the lucky one who missed it, but this
was a better way to spend the week than in "training."  Ugh.

Since I'm still dragging around with the cold, we had a slow weekend and I even got time to do some sewing.  The first poppy table runner is done,
 and today I finished the full-length version of this:
 in a light pink crepe and started a summer shirt for Andy's upcoming birthday, which I could even finish in time.  Sorry--should I have warned you before saying that?  Sure, I still haven't even started his Valentine's gift, but let's focus on what's working, shall we?

In trying-to-stem-a-problem news, it's now been 32 days since I last bought fabric, and I think it's a good thing when I say that has removed themselves from my field of temptation permanently.  In my last order, they sent me the wrong fabric, and not only will they not make it right, they won't even return my emails.  I'm only out $10, but I think it saved me a lot of money in the long run as I had ordered from them several times.  According to online reviews, they have a pretty consistently poor record for customer service, so I might be lucky to only be out $10.  And one less source of temptation....

As of today, I have 17 finished projects for the year....33 to go.  It's possible, right?