Thursday, August 28, 2008

In My Desperation, I Have Done The Math

I have now finished 8 WIPs in a row. I have 19 left, and am at least trying to make it to 10 in a row. I am currently mostly working on Andy's sweater and the Fir Cone shawl (now that I remembered to wind the ball of yarn & everything).

Tonight, before deciding which project to work on, I actually sat down and did the math:

Andy's sweater calls for 1530 yards of yarn (I actually only have 1526 so I hope they're just kidding about that last 4 yards). I have knit up 327 yards so far, leaving me with up to 1199 yards left to knit. Plus seams.

The fir cone shawl called for 2200 yards of yarn, of which I have knit 1320, leaving up to 880 yards of yarn left to knit. A little grafting, but no seams.


I have been driven to perform non-required math!!!! When I start doing voluntary Geometry or long division, stage an intervention!!!!!