Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It Seems My Back Has the "Grouchies"

Andy has been on a business trip this week, so my original plan was a sewing marathon.  But I'm back in physical therapy now, and this week hurts more than last week.  When I was in the emergency room last year, the doctor said that 90% of back pain clears up in 30 days no matter what one does, and the best thing to do when one has back pain is to keep moving.  So, that's what I was doing.  And, being my life, I'd be in that 10% category when that actually makes it worse.  Dang it!

Last week's PT goal was to calm the muscles in my back down, so I was given 4 stretches to do.  This week we've been trying to add strength training to it, and this is where things are getting problematic.  During today's appointment, it still looks like there's no lasting damage, but right now the muscles are very sensitive and get irritated easily.  Sounds like a lot of people I know, to tell the truth.  So, there's been a fair bit of valium, which I thought made sewing a REALLY bad idea, so I'm back to reading and knitting.  I'd be showing you pictures if this weren't a valium moment.  Tomorrow I see the doctor again, which I'm guessing will get me assigned about 2 more weeks of physical therapy, and hopefully over the weekend those muscles can reach a calmer, more happy state.  Too bad they aren't the muscles that knit..................