Thursday, December 15, 2011

Problem Solved!

The yarn that matches beads I already have,
gets to be beaded scarves.  Those that don't get to be hats.  See how easy decisions are when one has spent their allowance on yarn?
I wish I had some brilliant amount of knitting to show off, but I do not.  Yesterday I wrapped gifts and even got a few sent off.  I'm still not entirely off pain medication--but generally down to one Aleve every 24 hours, instead of 4--but I'm slow and I get worn out pretty fast, and I think I was asleep by 9:00 last night.  So, not much knitting.  BUT, there have been two new ideas:

1.  Get the remainder of my stash photographed for Ravelry.  I think it's all on there, but there is a lot of yarn that didn't have photographs, and it's really easy to not pay attention to those yarns.  So, every time I'm ready to add photos to the blog, I go photograph a few missing yarns.  Interestingly, one of my friends on Ravelry wanted to know if I had robbed a yarn store, as I guess in the "friends' activity" setting, yarn is only "stashed" when a picture is added, so I have gleefully been stashing quite an insane amount of yarn this month.  As Lead Cold Sheeper, I can certainly understand her concern.  Not that there wasn't a bribing-myself-through-the-back-pain purchase, but it wasn't THAT bad.  If it were, I think I'd need to get that Valium prescription looked at........

2.  Keep a Projects To Do notebook.  The knitting projects are fine because I have my queue on Ravelry, but I have a lot of sewing or other ideas that can't be added, and if I don't write them down somewhere, I get sidetracked.  I think I'll make it a real paper-and-ink sort of journal, and maybe even attach fabric or pictures if appropriate.  I have an account on Pinterest, but that only works if I go look at my page, which so far I don't really do.  So, I'm hoping this idea might help me stay organized.  Ahem.....GET organized.