Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Stay Focused On The Yardage

When I tried out the fabric stiffener, I prepped 4 fabrics.  Of course, what I'm dying to do is to use the stiffener on the butterfly fabric, but I don't know how long this stuff lasts, so
 this morning I am going to use up the coral fabric I've already stiffened.  There are 7 yards of this stuff, six of which will be used for this skirt:
I've made this pattern before--the long version--and I really like the skirt, though in all fairness I seem to not be the sort of person who can wear "maxi" skirts.  I don't know how other people cope, but instead of looking elegant in a flowing full-length skirt, I'm the clumsy dope who is always tripping over the skirt.  So I've shortened the pattern pieces by 4 inches. 

Usually, it's nice to make patterns that I've used before, because I've worked out all the details and know what to expect.  I put the pieces in a file folder with the edges stapled shut, then write any appropriate notes on the back.  However, on this one, it seems I was a bit vague:
In case you can't read that, my only note on this one says, "Cute skirt, but pattern written by sociopaths with dyslexia."  I'm guessing I had a few problems making this skirt, don't you think?  But it uses 6 whole yards of fabric, which would get me over 40 yards of fabric for the year so far.  This is what I'm going to focus on.  And a glass of wine this evening if things go badly......