Thursday, June 27, 2013

Plan A Has Failed

Not surprisingly, my first approach to dealing with Google Reader's impending doom on July 1--just ignoring it and hope something will change--has failed.  It's one of my favorite methods, though to be honest, I can't think of a single time when it's actually worked.  So, it's time for plan B:  choosing a new reader.

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts earlier.  I have narrowed it down to two choices (The Old Reader and Comma Feed), and last night I set up both of them.  So far, I don't like either of them simply because I don't want to change.  I had already changed once TO Google Reader, so I'm still grumpy about having to switch to something new.  So I'm giving them both a test run to see which seems least likely to make me switch yet again.

It might seem odd that someone who keeps a blog is so hostile to technology, but it really isn't odd at all.  I'm 42, so depending on what one defines as the "computer age beginning," I am usually somewhere in the first computer generations.  I was just learning to use the old Commodore computers when IBM clones burst on the scene.  I spent a year in high school learning to program in BASIC, use dBASE and Word Perfect, then spent another semester in college learning Lotus 1-2-3, Word Perfect, and BASIC again.  Anyone seen those around lately?  In my last year of college, one of my most forward-thinking professors (especially for an English professor) decided that email was the way of the future, so we should all email our assignments to her.  Fine and dandy, except that this was in 1992, so the only place to email anything was in the UNIX lab on campus, which was compatible with absolutely nothing, so I spent a great chunk of the semester in the UNIX lab typing papers in order to email them to a professor who probably had to go to the exact same lab to pick up the blasted things.  I have a minor in Latin, and yet because of the rapid change in technology, Latin isn't the most outdated thing I studied in college.  (We still use Latin, probably more than most people realize--"people" itself coming from the Latin "populus")  The technology classes are obsolete.  The state-of-the-art computer with the new 3.5-inch disks that were so new they were incompatible with anything on campus has been obsolete for probably 20 years.  The first cell phone I used--the first TEN cell phones probably--are obsolete.  My first real job was selling pagers for heaven's sake--when was the last time you saw someone with one of those?  I used to get really excited about learning how to work different programs or computers, but now I know what I need to know to get by until the next great something arrives and makes everything else impossible to use.  So I am testing the readers to see which will need the absolute least from me and be most like what I am used to.  No wonder I knit--that probably hasn't changed in 500 years.................