Sunday, August 22, 2010

Picture Time!

Last night we were meeting a friend for dinner at 7:30, so I was sewing like a madwoman to finish this
which is the FIFTH paisley piece from this
pattern.  I've made the dress (above), pants (complete with Joanns logo,
 so they are now known as "house pants" and will eventually be joined by another pair of pants that won't be advertising anybody on my hips), jacket,
and sleeveless top--which looks exactly like the tunic but shorter and without the sash.  Later I'll add a black jacket of some sort and maybe some sort of black tunic, and will have a pretty complete ensemble, provided I don't get sick of paisley. 

The vintage pattern is done as well,
though I seem to have messed up the closures and need to figure out a way to close the piece that wraps around the back without the loop that I thought was to go on the front.  I'm thinking snaps, but I was so annoyed when I discovered my mistake that the dress is currently in the Project Protection Program and will only be fixed when I can look at it without wanting to shred the thing. 

SO, going back to our little tally, there are now 131 days left in the year, and I need 40 more projects, so one every 3.275 days.  Okay--so slight improvement over where I was a week ago, but I admit, that 0.275 day thing just doesn't excite me as much as say......every 4 days might have....and I ONLY need to finish up EIGHT projects today to get to 4............

I'm no longer just a resident of Crazyland.....I am now their QUEEN!!!!!!