Monday, November 16, 2009

Crafting Marathon - Day One

I have 5 days, so after dropping Andy off at the airport and running a few errands to make sure I actually had some food this week, my sidekick and I settled down to some serious crafting.

First, we flattened out the cool home-decorating material

though getting the pattern cut out proved a bit more difficult than I had planned....

I did manage to work around Theo without cutting his tail, but a small amount of fur was lost....

though as his winter coat is truly in now, it's pretty hard to tell.  Mercifully, Theo decided to leave the room while I spray-basted the pieces and the batting together

but he was back for the sewing

Honestly, if he could ever learn to operate the sewing machine without me, I think my status as Most Favorite Human would be in jeopardy.

What are we making, you might ask?


I still want to add braid or trim to the openings of each one, and I'm pretty pleased with the small braid here

but I'm thinking some sort of black decorative cord would look pretty sharp on one or two. 

Overall, I'm so pleased with these that I honestly wish I had done 10 instead of 5, but this will get us through our immediate fall gift needs.  I'll have to check a couple craft stores to see what sort of things they have to put in the mouths of the cornucopias, but overall, I'm VERY pleased and......

2 yards of material go up on the fabric tally!