Friday, January 29, 2016


A friend and I were joking around this week, and I mentioned that some of my yarn and I have been together almost 10 years now, as 2006-2007 are when my stash REALLY exploded.  She commented that I've been with my yarn longer than a lot of marriages last.....  THAT'S a sobering thought....

So, channeling my Finishitis, I dug out this:
which I started back in 2010 with yarn I bought in 2007.  It got set aside for no real reason--I think I probably just drifted on to something else, but I've already completed 2 pattern repeats and am close to the decreases for the arms.  That makes me feel a bit better.  Having a lot of yarn is a bit less overwhelming when one still likes the oldest yarns and one uses them. When one has a stash this large, one can find LOTS of ways to try to feel better about it.................

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Wee Flutter of Finishitis

I have finished Sitcom Chic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the poor photo--I think it's the shock of having a finished sweater around here.  I haven't finished a sweater for me since July of 2013.  Granted, that has a lot to do with the back issues and getting depressed because I couldn't wear normal clothes for several years (still can't),  a great deal to do with being on pain meds, and a general tendency to be a bit of a flake when it comes to the fussy bits of knitting.  I am so excited that I got very excited about finishing a second sweater, so I dug out
which is probably where one sends Finishitis to die.  I have split for the arms and am one 32-row repeat left until the neck decreases, but it's STILL on size 2 needles.  It happened to be the easiest project to grab, but I think I'm going to dig out a different one.  I'd like to get at least one more sweater finished before the excitement fades, and this one still has at least a year to go.  Did I mention that I have yarn in stash for two more Alice Starmore sweaters in fingering yarn? 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

That Didn't Help

Last night I made the first bowl,
and in spite of the fact that I am actually revolted on my alma mater's SERIOUS over-emphasis on football, I love how the bowl turned out and it has not diminished my lust after additional fabric.  The saving grace is that I would never in a million years put this anywhere in my house, so I have promised myself to be cautious about which people I make this sort of gift for.  And I am saved from going on a wild bowl-making frenzy by not having very much of the stiff stabilizer in my stash, and knowing I can't be trusted anywhere NEAR a fabric store right now.  So, I am setting this aside and will find something ELSE to work on.  Hopefully something using a bit more yardage.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Again

20 of my Me Made Mondays need to be new or unworn things.  I put it that way because
there might be a bin in my sewing room with things waiting to be blocked.  Ahem......  So yesterday I washed and blocked these 8 finished projects.  Not all of them are for me, but the Begonia Swirl in the middle is, and at least one or two of the keyhole scarves.  Sadly, there are still more items in the bin, but that's okay!  I can get them washed and blocked as soon as these are done, and I'll have at least one more new item to wear.  Let's just say it's a fairly large bin, and move on......

Today my cold is a little better, so I'm going to go to the gym for a really light workout.  That makes Me Made Monday a bit more tricky, so 
I'll wear this fleece jacket that I made in 2008.   I actually like it very much, but it is too much of a jacket to just wear around the house, and as a jacket, it's pretty light-weight to wear very often, so it doesn't get much attention.  I think it needs an outing. 

The BIG news.................

I have now gone 30 days without buying any fabric!!!!

I'd love to say it was easy, but here's the weird thing:  after buying 3 yards each of my rather-aesthetically-challenged university colors,
I wanted to order more.  Lots more--because it's on sale.  Without having done one single thing with the fabric yet except wash it.  It's completely crazy, but so is the size of my fabric stash.  Yesterday I decided to maybe remind myself that my school mascot is an ugly little viking, I ironed and cut up the fabrics for several projects:  lots of kimono ornaments (which are really the most appropriate gifts as most of us have been out of college a LONG time), some fabric bowls (using the new book), and a couple table runners.  I'm hoping that actually working with them will curb my interest a bit.  There are OTHER lovely fabrics in my stash that, quite frankly, would make much nicer quilts or table runners.  I do NOT need more fabric, and even when all the projects I cut for last night are done, I still won't be anywhere CLOSE to the 18 yards of new fabric that entered my stash at the end of the year.  Not even half-way there.  I do NOT need more fabric!

What I NEED is to get cracking on the projects for Valentine's Day and the February birthdays.  And finish that blasted corduroy jacket.............

Friday, January 22, 2016

Resisting the Urge

With all the cleaning I've been doing--and feeling like maybe I should rest a bit if I'm ever going to get rid of this cold--I took a REAL Finishing Friday today.  Originally, I was moving things around to maybe start a new project, but since one of the items I was moving was a table runner all pinned and ready to be quilted, the tiny rational side of me thought, "Hey, maybe I should finish a project before starting a new one..."  After wondering where THAT little voice has been all my life, I picked out another variegated thread to play with,
and can I just say that I'm not sure if the stronger draw is that I think it will look nice OR that I want to justify having bought several variegated threads and because I'd like to justify eventually buying more of them.  It has been 27 days since my last fabric purchase, and I have come so close to caving at least 3 times already that I am currently bribing myself with a Sulky Blendables Dream Assortment if I can stay on the fabric wagon for an entire year.  In the first 30 days, it seems I am rather expensive to bribe, but if I can actually make it 366 days without buying ANY fabric, it would be worth it.  And playing with new thread did get the table runner finished, 
and another yard of fabric used up from my stash.  Whew!  We're up to 3.5 yards for the year now--or less than 20% of that last little fabric fling I had at the end of the month.  I think my next project needs to be just a little bit bigger, or maybe I need to make 10 of them...........And somehow I still want to check for online fabric sales even now............................

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Little Lighter On the Sudafed

It took a few hours to feel like doing anything yesterday, but once the Sudafed kicked in, I cleaned like a maniac. After four years of dealing with a bad back/hip, lots of things had been neglected, so the house needed it.  However, I had to be a bit more sparing in my Sudafed use today, because it's just a bit much for me.  I was finally calm enough to use my wooden knitting needles without starting a fire Boy-Scout-style, so
the body of Sitcom Chic is done!  The sleeves were joined raglan-style, so the only seams are the underarms, which is nice.  Next will be to pick up the front edgings, so it's really close to being done.....and it's about where it would get set aside for a faster, easier project if I didn't need 20 finished items to wear this year.  If you can't overcome your weaknesses, at least find a way to work around them. 

I was even calm enough to finish this:
which was surprising.  I used a simple thin zig-zag and my walking foot for a bit of quilting with a variegated thread:
which is barely visible here.  Only one pucker on the back, which is a new record for me.  I don't actually like orange very much, but other people do, so I'm hoping someone will appreciate it as a gift.  I had an apartment once with 70s-orange carpet AND counters AND linoleum, so I come by my dislike quite easily.  The 1970s have a lot to answer for in so many ways...........

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Still Hanging On...........

So the cold is still hanging on, and Dayquil was doing so little for me yesterday that I switched to Andy's Sudafed--just the 4-hour ones.  We're never going down that 12-hour path again.  I have to say, I felt great.  Not only did it really clear up my stuffy head,
the crazy-energy spike REALLY came in handy.  Not only did I get the Christmas decorations all finally put away and the winter ones out, the living room is spotless.  Of course, I couldn't sit still long enough to sew, but I did some tidying in the back room, sorted a few cookbooks out for donations, and continued my war on cold germs and dust on the baseboards, crown molding, and anything else I could reach without destroying my back.  Of course, I didn't sleep very well last night, but dang!  I did get a lot done.

Today the cold doesn't seem to be much better, but I'm hoping to be a little less spastic today.  It's a good thing I never got into recreational drugs--I have the tolerance of a gnat and can obviously barely handle the medicinal ones.  But when I do come back down to earth, at least it will be to a very clean house........

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It Must Have Been Too Much For Me

The shock of walking out of Joanns for less than $6 must have been too much for my system, because I now have a cold!  Seriously, two months dragging around with bronchitis, and I get a cold.  AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHH!

I still did Me Made Monday yesterday while dragging myself to my annual "women's wellness" exam.  I thought about rescheduling, but why ruin a perfectly good day with THAT exam?  So,
I wore one of my favorite sweaters--after I steamed the wrinkles out of it.  I made this in 2010 with an alpaca/tencel blend that I bought in BAGS from, probably in 2006.  This is the third sweater I've made with this yarn, and I think I have enough still in my stash to make 5 more--luckily, not all in this color.  It is nice yarn, but WARM.  I made Andy a sweater from it, and he almost never wears it because it's so warm, so there are 5 more sweaters FOR ME with this yarn.  Ahem.......

I came home and slept after my appointment, but by evening I was feeling good enough for some knitting,
and the Sitcom Chic is moving along nicely.  There's a lot to be said for stockinette stitch.  I was a bit concerned because I headed to my appointment with NO purse knitting, but as it turns out, I wouldn't have had time--they got me right in, the doctor came right in, and I was out and on my way in less than 30 minutes.  That works!  I'm being very good with this project and I was afraid to distract myself before it was finished, but needing 20 new things for Me Made Mondays is helping my determination.  So much so that this,
 now has all the pieces attached.  Somehow the sleeves aren't actually even, but I attached the cuffs anyway because they're off by a similar amount on each side and whatever happened, they still match.  I'm still not thrilled with the top stitching, but now I'm just pushing to finish this thing.  It won't be my favorite project ever, but it can be a FINISHED project.  I already have 2 more fabrics lined up for this jacket pattern, so the corduroy adventure hasn't hurt my opinion of the PATTERN, but I might need some time apart from the corduroy before tackling the shirt that I cut out from the same fabric.  And NO colored top stitching on it!

I did get to play with this,
which is the new point-turner I bought after Christmas.  The only corners on this jacket are on the front, but I've struggled to get a decent point after attaching the facing, and even with a heavier fabric, it worked really well.  YAY!  Like anyone but me would notice.....

Now I just need to decide if being hyped up on cold medicine will help or hurt my sewing............

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Prepare Yourself For A Shock!

I managed to go to a fabric store for this:
and didn't even look at the fabric!  I know!!!!!!  I did pick up a few Christmas closeout floral picks, but I still walked out of Joann Fabrics having spent less than $6!!!! 

Originally, I had planned to buy NO crafting supplies at all this year, but thread to finish a project seems reasonable, and over the weekend we ran across these at a thrift store,
for $3, so let's just say I'm not spending MUCH on crafting.  I can't say that I even know what to do with this one,
 and there are 4 of these,
 which I may never do anything with, but now that 1.) I've come to terms with the bifocals/reading glasses and can see well enough to paint details, and 2.) I'm not frantically trying to finish a huge bunch of gifts, I hope to break out the paints and tackle some ornaments soon.  I'm not good at it, but I enjoy it.

Interestingly, even though I really only opted to wear handmade things on Mondays, the whole challenge has made me reexamine the things I've already made.  This:
 is a fleece jacket I made a few years ago, and I think I've only worn it twice--including yesterday.  The sleeves are about an inch too long, which is sort of amazing as I'm 5' 8" and fitting my shoulders and arms has usually been a bit of a challenge, so I have no idea who they thought might have arms THAT long.  The pattern called for small shoulder pads, which Milo here would really need, but I have broad, square shoulders and don't need them.  And I must have done a really poor job on the buttons, because the top one is barely hanging on.  So, I am going to fix the button and shorten the sleeves on this jacket to make it wearable.  I have decided that this year will be going through the things I've already made and either wearing them, fixing them, or donating them.  So, I'll either be gaining a wardrobe or closet space.............or a big pile of "things to be fixed" that I will keep meaning to get to.....  But it's January!  Think BIG!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

6 Months!!!!!!!!!!!!


I haven't purchased yarn in 6 months!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Me Made Monday #2

So yesterday I woke up with serious chest congestion and a sore throat.  NO!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even want to contemplate another 2 months of bronchitis, so with the aid of Nyquil, I slept most of the day and am feeling much better today.  I almost used one of my pajama days, but I was cold so instead
I opted for this fleece shirt and pant set I made a few years ago.  I have no idea what one would really call this--dressy sweats?--but they're really warm.  The pants have an inexplicable flair to the hem, so they're really as close to bell-bottom sweats as one can ever [hopefully] get, and I'm always just a tad self-conscious wearing them out in public, but they were great for napping. 

I had some crafting time on Sunday, and there was a brief period when I actually thought the purple jacket might be finished for Monday,
but if I had any true sense of how long things take, my sewing room would NOT look like a craft store threw up, so I didn't make it.  It is getting closer though. 

I also got the new runner stitched together and pinned for quilting,
 as well as the earlier one,
so I had a good day.  I still really, really, really want to start a new quilt, but I am making myself finish a few more things before getting to do that--if nothing else, to clear off enough space to start ANYTHING new.

Yesterday I didn't do much of anything except sleep, but I did get the second sleeve cast on and even some decent progress:
I need 20 of the Me Made Mondays to be new or unworn items, and new would be wonderful and free up some space in the sewing room.  In January, anything is possible, right?

Sunday, January 10, 2016


In order to get some bigger projects done this year, I'm aiming for 50 finished projects, rather than something truly 116 or something, which even I am surprised I'm not attempting. So, finishing a second project for the year
means I'm doing well so far.  It's not clothing, which was going to be my main focus this year, but I like it.  We've decided to cut back a bit on handmade gifts this year.  Even alternating years, it gets really stressful, and we do a lot of Christmas gifts for family members who don't even let us know they arrive--much less thank us for them.  So, we talked it over, and decided that not saying thank you--even by email or Facebook--can be freely interpreted as "I hate homemade gifts--please don't send me any more."  This is Andy's year for gifts, so that takes a lot of pressure off of him, and I've been happily sending table runners to friends, whom I know love them.  Win-win.

I am enjoying playing with table runner ideas, including
this, which requires only 10 triangles instead of 14.  It's going to be a smaller table runner, but it's a fun layout, and I like how it looks.  Plus, I was going to end up with 7 and 7 instead of the 6 and 8 to do the first layout because I didn't start cutting both stratas in the same direction, so the first layout wouldn't work anyway.  See how nicely that works out?

Thank heavens knitting is sometimes simple.  I have the first sleeve of Sitcom Chic finished up to where it will join the body,
and now need to cast on the second one.  I might be able to wear this by spring!  I just walked 3 miles in cloudy 28-degree weather, so I'm ready to think about spring.........

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Happy New Year...FINALLY

Happy New Year from Château Sutton-Goar!

Santa made a surprise appearance at the Château last year, bringing Andy an acoustic parlor (smaller body) guitar and  me a 12-string, so there has been a lot of music here this year—and more than a few discussions about how many guitars two people actually need, though these discussions are quickly scrapped when either the sewing room or the third bay of the garage known as the Wood Shop are mentioned.  No one, however, is allowed to take up the tuba.

Andy has always been interested in photography, and this year purchased a better digital camera to play with.  On one of the first outings with a camera, while Andy tried to get just the right shot of a goose with her gosling, I fended off another goose, presumably her agent, who wanted to A) bite, and B) talk royalties.  A day on the motorcycle with the camera has become a favorite weekend activity for him, and over Thanksgiving he took some wonderful pictures of my aunt and uncle and their family at the ranch, so it's really been a fun hobby for everyone—except perhaps that goose.

The garden and I had a decent relationship this year.  Lousy tomatoes, but truly exuberant cucumbers, which worked out rather well as I was running low on pickles, and we valiantly defended the pumpkin plant from the squash bugs after learning that planting zucchini as a decoy didn't work.  I actually planted two zucchini, for reasons I no longer remember or even understand, and believe me when I say that zucchini-carrot jam didn't sound remotely strange after everything else we made, though other people do seem to find bits of vegetable on their toast a bit weird.  Go figure......

The ongoing hip/back issues continue to dominate my life, but my biggest news is that my physical therapist said I don't need her anymore!  While she's still on speed-dial in case of “mishaps” or “over-optimism,” I continue to make progress.  Some activities are forever off-limits (certain types of lifting), but most things are probably possible.  The best approach is to try something in a small amount, see if my hip is stable, then gradually increase the time or try a new exercise for stability.  Of course, the approach I usually use is the “dive right in” version, which really backfired with my attempt at lawn mowing.  I think the straight passes were fine, but I hadn't thought through turning around.  We'll start smaller next year.  It will never be fixed exactly, and sitting will always be difficult and best avoided, but the daily exercises and stretches are helping me control it and I'm starting to get back to what my therapist describes as “half of a normal life.”   Though I'm not sure we've ever managed a “normal” life anyway, I am hoping to continue to make progress and regain whatever passes for a normal life for us.

In fact, I have made so much progress that we did a little traveling this year:  In February, we visited Andy's parents in California, then met up with most of his family in June in Colorado for a wedding reception and trip to the Colorado Renaissance Festival.  Then in October it was off to New York to attend our first Italian wedding—a wonderful event stretching 3 days and involving lots of celebrating, dancing,  and enough food to have amazed either of my grandmothers--which is saying something.  We also visited the Statue of Liberty and revisited Ellis Island, Central Park, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  We also discovered a brilliant Italian market where one can buy a glass of wine WHILE grocery shopping.  Idaho has much to learn.....

We close with a picture of a costume dinner we attended—Andy and I doing our best Cary Grant and Sophia Loren impressions.  Hey, we can always dream...............

Things we have learned this year:

* Unless you're a real free-thinker about oatmeal, it's best to not keep the cinnamon right next to the taco seasoning
*  “I'll just pop in to Costco on the way” might be the silliest thing I've ever said on a Friday afternoon.
* It's amazing what a sense of victory it is to only get slight burns when attempting to use a glue gun.
*  We've replaced a lot of appliances, but I'm still grudgingly impressed when a coffee maker can find an entirely new way to break—like having the automatic grinder start randomly going off whenever.  I have a soft spot for creativity.
* Dried dates burn much faster in the microwave than one might think.
*  It's a mark of human optimism that the word “zucchini” even has a singular.
*  Those who joke about their cats being “senior kitties” are going to spend 45 minutes catching the mouse let loose under the Christmas tree skirt.
*  Sorting boxes is fairly easy by now—if we haven't seen it in 9 years, it probably isn't necessary.
*  Cats with stress issues are a leading cause of humans with stress issues.
*  I had sort of assumed that by the time I reached my 40s I'd be able to stay clean for an entire day.
*  One might never have too many tomatoes, but one can definitely have too many green beans
* Stocking up on Christmas cards after Christmas was a great idea.  Remembering where I put them would have been brilliant.
*  Three years later and my cheekbone can STILL find more features on my smartphone than I can.
*  When it's over 100 degrees, I am not to be trusted with questions like, “how short would I like my bangs?”
*  Ants can move surprisingly fast when one has just dug into their home.
*  We didn't receive a single seed catalog this year.  It seems my fame has spread.........
*  Admitting that one is never actually going to reread Dostoevsky is very freeing—and clears up bookshelf space
*  Begging seems to help when trying to convince the computers and printers to all play nicely.
*  When the garden is in full swing, there's no such thing as a small salad.
*  I do not know a curse strong enough for the wretches who came up with the cherry-flavoring for Robitussin.
*  Reading glasses tend to work best when one can find them.
*  Fast for two weeks before attending a 3-day Italian wedding—and two months afterwards.
*  Getting an extra month of gardening does not necessarily translate into an extra month of interest IN gardening.
*  No matter how hard one might try to enhance the color of a photo, some of us really are just that pale
*  It turns out the SMART thing to do would be to see if one can actually open a finished project—for instance, a wooden pepper grinder—before mailing them all out as Christmas gifts.
*  If you have sent out Christmas gifts that no one will be able to open, you can tell when each one is opened by the phone calls looking for instructions, help, or possibly a can of spinach.
*  Nothing inspires the misbehavior of a furnace like a 10-degree morning
*  Taking turns making Christmas gifts generally works out well, or would if either of us were at all realistic about the time required to make things.
*  You can't out-stubborn a cat.
*  Buying “Happy Holidays” cards works out well for those of us who might not get them out before Christmas.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday and a healthy 2016,
Toni & Andy

Friday, January 8, 2016

18 Yards......

So, the new fabric has arrived, all EIGHTEEN yards of it.  Granted, I've managed MUCH larger fabric purchases, but that's still about 25% of what I used up for all of 2015.  I think I need to sew faster.....

They're all, of course. FOR something.  These
are cottons in my college colors, and as many of my friends and family are RABID University of Idaho fans, between kimono ornaments and table runners, these will make extremely popular gifts.  Frankly, I didn't even know they existed until I ran across them on clearance on Hancock Fabric's website.  Three yards of each should allow for a couple baby or lap quilts as well.  Did I mention rabid fans here? 

Then there's this,
which will become Andy's birthday shirt this year.  Again a cotton, and he loves the color.  Another 3 yards.

Two border print fabrics,
which are great for fast projects, two clearance prints that coordinate with a set of fat quarters I already own,
a wine fabric to make a gift for our friends who make their own wine and always share with us,
and some high-quality batiks 
for, among other things, the new book Andy gave me for Christmas:
I almost started a bowl immediately, but I convinced myself to finish quilting this
which is now ready for trimming and binding, and could be finished later today.  I also have two more strata ready to cut for table runners,
 and it would easier to cut them NOW than to try to remember where I put them later.  Then I have this
pinned and ready for a little hand-quilting, I think.  I haven't done anything with fabric panels yet, but I thought a few snowflakes in maybe silver (if I can stand to work with it) or nice blues and white if I can't.  And maybe a little bling.  I actually have two of these panels, so I can try out some ideas.  We'll probably keep one for a winter decoration and add the second to the gift bin.  Technically, this is Andy's year for Christmas gifts, but there are ALWAYS birthdays and weddings and special anniversaries, so I try to stay ahead.

And, now that Christmas is over and I'm trying for Me Made Mondays, 

it's time to get back to the partially-finished jacket.  I'm still not overly pleased with how the top-stitching looks on the pockets, but since it's because of the wales of the corduroy rather than stitching crooked, I'm not sure it really can be fixed.  The rest is great, so I'm going to go ahead and finish it so I can wear the blasted thing and assume that I'm the only one who will even notice.  This is an ongoing joke in our house.  Andy can see flaws in his woodworking that I can't even find, and I can drive myself crazy with flaws I can see in my sewing that no one else can even find.  So I will hope it's one of those--or maybe it will be less obvious after washing.  If nothing else, just about everyone I know is in the progressive lenses/bifocals/reading glasses era, so that HAS to lower the chances anyone will see the wonkiness, right?  Says the woman who just justified 18 yards of new fabric.............

Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday #1

I AM BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took the last antibiotic yesterday, and until 2 days ago, I really thought I was going to have to go back to the doctor because the bronchitis was still hanging on, but I've had 3 good days in a row now and, while I'm weak, I am finally able to breathe normally.  To celebrate, we visited 2 different sets of friends yesterday--what a great way to spend a day!  One of our friends has been very ill and because of the bronchitis, I had to stay away from him, but this weekend I made a big batch of soup and Andy made bread and we got to spend a couple hours with one of our favorite couples.  Then we stopped by another house to deliver a late Christmas gift, deliver some of my old toys we'd brought back from the ranch, and get caught up with another favorite couple.  TODAY I am taking soup and a Christmas gift to a friend recovering from surgery.  I had a fairly lousy Christmas, but the new year is pretty lovely so far.

And it's MONDAY!  Currently, I'm in my homemade flannel pajamas, but I am going to wear this:
from the 2010 Ravelympics.   I have worn it several times, so it might have made sense to start with a sweater that gets less attention, except that this is a pretty warm sweater and
our cold temperatures might be ending today.  This is a picture of what 7 degrees looked like here over the weekend.  We went for a one-mile walk, which is just enough time to lose feeling in one's face.  Today we'll get above freezing, and last year it got warm in February, so some of the heaviest sweaters may not be participating in Me Made Mondays.  The purple corduroy jacket would be appropriate today, except, 
I'm still playing with table runners.  The top one is a new pattern I got for Christmas, which uses 3 stripes rather than 4, and I'm more than half-finished with the free motion quilting of the second 4-stripe runner (and have a set of stripes ready to go for YET ANOTHER one, plus another set picked out, so there seems to be a bit of an obsession developing), so I haven't gotten back to garment sewing yet.  I had intended to use the last week of the year as a sewing vacation, but being sick put an end to that, so I'll try to have some extra sewing time this week and next to make up for it.

Me Made Monday is responsible for this:
I came REALLY close to casting on a new pair of socks or a scarf over the weekend, but instead I started the first sleeve for the spring Sitcom Chic sweater.  If I behave myself, this could be ready for March or even late February if I REALLY behave myself. 

Speaking of not so much behaving........I have joined a 2016 Austerity Quilting challenge, which basically means buying NO fabric this year.  I don't think I've managed an entire year without buying fabric, but I am going to try.  Especially because there might have been a little year-end fabric shopping to add some specific fabrics to the stash, and it's always easier to talk about fabric resolutions when there's fabric on its way to you via the mail..........But I'm going to try, and if I ACTUALLY make it, with focusing on sewing garments AND no additional fabric or yarn, I might have a less frightening sewing room by the end of the year.