Thursday, April 17, 2014

Plan B

So my idea for getting the pajama sleeves cut out didn't work, so
 after Theo gave the project and I some well-needed time apart, I ended up sewing the selvedge edges together on the side that hadn't been cut, 
and the sleeves have a great big seam down the center.  This is not a trick for an OCD person, because the dot to line up with the shoulder sleeve is slightly to the front, so the seams can't match.  I'm not even OCD, but that almost killed me.  However, the pajamas are done, I'm currently wearing them, and another 5.5 yards of fabric, which takes up this
 amount of space, is used up from the fabric stash.  Of course, the snowflake and penguin prints were purchased at the same time as the others, so it was all stash acquired this fall and not deep stash, but at least it isn't on it's way to BEING deep stash. 

I washed the snowflake and penguin prints, and decided to try the version of these pajamas with the shorter shirt with the penguin, and amazingly,
 I figured out how I did it the first time!  Step one:  chuck the directions in the trash where they belong.  Step 2: cut out the sleeves first, and just as the fabric is normally folded for cutting out.  If the fabric has shrunk too much for this to work, then one will know BEFORE cutting out anything else.  But this just works, and a second pair of pajamas WITHOUT additional sleeve seams, is in progress!  I'm toying with the idea of cutting out the snowflake fabric as well while I know how to make it work.  Making a quick, easy project that I'll use AND that uses up a large chunk of fabric in one shot is pretty tempting.......

Speaking of finishing projects,
 the second sleeve for the toddler jacket is now done, and the shoulder seams have been sewn.  I have a sleeve pinned in place, but got sidetracked by
the ornament kit.  The front is now done, and the I've started on the pink on the back. When both sides look like this, then I'll cover the sides with green sequins.  I need to move a wee bit faster on this as this is one of FOUR ornaments in the March kit, and it's now April.  Oops......

I'm hopefully taking today as a crafting day.  Monday I lifted weights and walked in the pool for an hour, and my back started hurting at 50 minutes.  This is when I wish I weren't a Type A, because instead of stopping, I just slowed down a bit in order to get my 60 minutes.  Which I did, but then spent the next 2 days resting.  I am a slow, slow learner.