Friday, October 31, 2014

A New Bag Idea

Has anyone else noticed a disturbing scramble-to-make-a-gift-at-the-last-minute trend on this blog this year?  Or, probably more likely, every single year?  I swear that I DO make things ahead of time, but it seems like they're never quite right for the person or the occasion or whatever.  So, the other day I got an idea for a bag that would still be cute without having to be personalized at the last minute.  After making the fall ribbon table runner,

I wanted to play around with ribbons more and luckily--prepare yourselves for a shock--already have a decent stash of ribbon.  Astounding, I know.  I struggled a bit with the table runner because I was trying to attach ribbon to a cotton fabric with batting and backing, and it was a challenge to keep it straight.  So I decided to try a heavier fabric, so in my trip to the Ontario Joann fabrics I picked up some bottom-weight fabric. Color selection in the nonstretch ones was rather limited, so white works.  Using transparent thread and a zigzag stitch, I stitched ribbons across the bag pieces,
and lesson number 1 is that even bottom-weight fabric probably needs interfacing for this.  You can see the slight puckering on the fabric.  At first I drew lines across the fabric with chalk and a ruler, but managed to get off a couple times anyway, so then I just kept adding ribbons where I felt like it:
Last year I purchased a set of bias-tape makers,  
and this is the largest one.  It can be used on fabric NOT cut on the bias as well, provided it doesn't need to stretch, so I cut straight fabric strips to turn into 2-inch strips,
with the fabric folded in to the center.  To cover the edges,
I used a 7/8-inch grosgrain ribbon and stitched it down the center of the strip.  I'm thrilled with how the straps turned out,
even if I did decide that the straps didn't really work with this bag.  Instead,
I'll keep the ribbon straps for another project and made plain white handles for this one instead. I have fabric cut out for 3 more bags, so maybe I'll find one to use those ribbon straps after all.  In the meantime, I'm very pleased with this one, lack of interfacing and all.  I wish they would have had black fabric as well--that would have been fun.  Maybe next time...........