Saturday, July 11, 2009

There Has Been More Knitting.....

.....but it's the garter-stitch border on the blanket. It's boring enough to knit--it would be a permanent cure for insomnia to blog about. However, it has just occurred to me that I have now survived the 18th month in a row of Cold Sheeping (also known as "not buying new yarn"). So, I thought it would be appropriate for a few sober moments of reflection:

* I really, really, REALLY want to have a box of yarn arrive at my door. I might mail myself some; then I wouldn't be breaking the rules.

* I thought briefly about taking "before" and "after" pictures, but I just couldn't face the scope of the "before" picture. Besides, I don't think my camera has a wide enough lens.

* Lots of people won't understand why you would stop doing something you enjoy so much. They aren't the ones who have to keep coming up with new places to store yarn.

* Even if I just allowed myself one yarn order a year, I could STILL buy yarn faster than I can knit.

* Sometimes small achievements are under-rated. No one else might understand the significance of finally having less than 20 pairs' worth of sock yarn in the stash, but I do.

* I've been with some of this yarn longer than I've been with my husband.

* It helps to remind myself that removing only one bin a year is still progress. Even if the extra room was immediately swallowed up by the fabric stash....

* There is such a thing as "surrogate stashing." Last year my knitting library grew to an embarrassing degree.

* The "surrogate stashing" problem can be easily cured by the process known as "earning no money." Works like a charm.

* Some of my friends & family truly prefer hand-made gifts. Those that don't are getting them anyway because I have a really large stash to use up.

* No matter how much I try to pretend, rosewood needles really don't make me knit any faster.

* I had more knitting time when we could eat processed foods. I think I can attribute at least an entire sweater to Digiorno's Pizza.

* I always have a lot of WIPs because I knit by moods. I have not yet, however, found an appropriate knitting project for "cranky."

* No matter what project I promise myself I'm going to work on, there's always one I want to work on more.

* It's really embarrassing to have to admit that I don't want to share my yarn--even with someone I'm teaching to knit and who has seen the size of my stash.

* Having a knitting project that needs to be done by October won't really be inspiring until September 15.

* I was a much more dedicated knitter when I set a goal of finishing so many projects a year. That will be on the to-do list for 2010

* It's good to have knitting friends. My non-knitting friends will generally listen to me talk about knitting, but I have to bribe them with knitted items to do so.

* I am no longer completely overwhelmed by the size of my stash. Does this mean I'm just "whelmed?"

* Just because my yarn stash is decreasing doesn't mean my stock of bad jokes is.........