Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31

It's the last day of the first month of the Year of 100 Projects, and.....
Project number 10 is done!!!!!!!!!  (And yes, there are finished pajama bottoms as well, but we all know I can do's the pajama tops that are always in doubt......or in a black hole or wherever the heck it is)

Checking in on my progress for the year:

Projects done: 10
Yards of yarn used up: 1442
Skeins/hanks of yarn used:  7.25
Yards of fabric used:  9.08

If I kept up the same pace all year, (which we all know is seriously unlikely, but work with me here for a second), I would finish the year with:

120 projects
17,304 yards of yarn
87 skeins of yarn
108.96 yards of fabric

Which is pretty close to what I did during my first year of cold-sheeping, so I guess it doesn't sound too far off at all.  Rats....I was hoping my first month had been more...record-setting? 

One of my hopes for 2010 is that by finishing all these projects, I will use up huge amounts of my stash, and thereby freeing up room in the sewing room.  As I wasn't on a fabric buying ban last year, let's just say that there has been little real progress toward finding the floor in the last year.  So.....I have decided to go on a fabric-buying ban as well--though I don't have a cute name for that (going "Cold Fabric" or "Cold Cotton" just not having the same fun-factor as "Cold-Sheeping").  My only exceptions will be:

* to finish a project
* if I need something for a gift that I really have no other appropriate material for (seems unlikely)
* the March visit by some of our closest friends--I can resist buying yarn while they're here, but there WILL be a trip to Joann's then and all bets are of.....