Friday, July 27, 2012

Ravellenics - Day 1

Bob:  We're here at the first day of the 2012 Ravellenic games.  Ms. Sutton has shown an early burst of speed with an early medal in the Frogging Trampoline.

Ron:  That's right, Bob.  Not only has she frogged with great speed and agility, the icky blue acrylic yarn has been tossed into a donation bin.  We haven't seen Ms. Sutton part with yarn willingly very often--if ever--and that was a surprising early move.  

Bob:  It certainly was.  Considering the bin full of Red Heart acrylic yarn she insists is for ornaments and other crafting items--not to mention the stash of Fun Fur recently uncovered--it's surprising to learn there is any yarn so icky that Ms Sutton might part with it.  

Ron:  Too true, Bob!  Perhaps the recent sewing room shelf project has truly created a sense of moderation in our competitor.

Bob:  That seems unlikely, Ron, as Ms. Sutton was seen to be briefly browsing lace shawl patterns shortly before the games began.  However, she is showing surprising dedication in the start of the games by moving straight on to WIP Wrestling.  We show here 
a finished sleeve and started second sleeve of a sweater that has been languishing since 2004.  If she continues at this rate, we could see the second medal as early as tomorrow.

Ron:  That would be a real first for Ms. Sutton, especially since she has also entered the Hat Dash and Holiday Hurdles, which both involve new projects and could well damage Ms. Sutton's dedication to her entries for WIP Wrestling.  

Bob:  The Hat Dash may be the one to look out for, Ron, as Ms. Sutton has finished only 6 hats so far for the year and needs 6 more to complete her "12." If this baby sweater brings her up to 6 of the 12 sweaters needed for the year, then it's neck-and-neck and the enticement of a new project might be too much for this competitor.  

Ron:  It could go either way.  We'll check in here at the Ravellenic Games tomorrow to see if Ms. Sutton continues in her early dedication.  Keep it tuned here to the Wide World of Wool for all the updates.

Let The Games Begin!