Friday, August 7, 2009

Finishing Friday

If you've been following this blog, you might have noticed that there have been projects that got a lot of attention for a while, then just disappeared, never to be mentioned again. I know there are 18 current knitting projects counting the new scarf. The number of sewing projects....well, I don't think I'm at the point when I am truly ready to face that number, but a small sample....

is the quilt top from a quilting class I took TWO YEARS ago. I think it needs one more sash attached, then to be quilted.

This was cut out to be a dress and a skirt. The skirt is done (and even worn) but the dress.....

Thisis to be a summer tablecloth that got set aside when I ran out of material & stayed set aside because I had other projects I wanted to work on.

Thisis a Christmas lap quilt that was set aside for no good reason.

Thiswas set aside for its own protection as it was in danger of being shoved into the blender.

Thiswas set aside when we decided not to host a Halloween party two years ago

and thiswas set aside because Nancy Zieman's instructions really only worked on the non-stretchy side of the fleece. It created a big mess on the stretchy side.

There are LOTS more, but you get the idea. I seem to have some commitment problems or crafting ADD. So in a fit of maturity--and because the WIPS are demanding their own living space now--I have decided to do FINISHING FRIDAYS through teh rest of the year. Every Friday (garden & canning permitting), I'm going to spend 2-3 hours working on a project that is at least a month old. Right now it's mostly sewing because that is the most out-of-control group right now, but I'll be including knitting as well.

Today's project is....Andy's birthday clothes. If I hurry, they'll be just barely one month late. But that's pretty good in my world. Ask my bridesmaids about their quilts if you don't believe me......