Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Have A New Idea

For now, the stereo-sitting-on-a-stack-of-yarn-filled-Rubbermade-tubs scheme is probably going to need to be continued in the sewing room, which means

1.  I can move a few things back into the sewing room and out of the bedroom
2.  This would be an excellent time to decide what I want to knit in the next 12 months so I don't discover that the next project is going to require moving a whole bunch of stuff.

So, what if I had two tubs to hold what I planned to knit in the next 12 months.  Could I stick to it?  And could I actually empty two entire tubs in one year?  Could my rise-to-the-challenge-no-matter-how-insane tendencies override the I-don't-want-to-knit-it-if-it's-planned-ahead stubbornness?  Or am I just saying this so I can play with yarn all day and really feel like I'm "cleaning?"