Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Goal

I am a HUGE fan of New Year's Resolutions. Not the sort most people make--lose weight, eat healthy, quit smoking--but of realistic ones (trying a new recipe every week, a year without processed foods, making 6 new desserts, etc.). I'm running a bit late this year, but I finally have mine:

1. Read or listen to 100 books (tally on the main blog)
2. Use up 150 skeins of yarn
3. Use up 150 yards of fabric
4. Complete the 12 "Project of the Month" projects
5. The Year of No Processed Foods (see the main blog for that one)
6. Finish the bridesmaid's quilts (there's a long story)
7. Buy no new yarn or fabric
8. Have Christmas gifts completed by the end of October. (OK, only sort of realistic)

The yarn and fabric goals are significantly higher than I accomplished last year, but since I'm taking some time off, I should be able to do more sewing & knitting--right? Provided full time kitty-tending comes to a stop in the near future. (Incidentally--Theo had his third day of therapy today, and I think they're going to let me take pictures of him doing the water tank on Monday. I have got to see this!)

And yes, I realize that if I truly had any concept of reality in regards to knitting and yarn I wouldn't have 40,000 yards of laceweight yarn......