Friday, February 29, 2008

The Year of the Stash - Month TWO Down!

I'm on track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two months down and 2 knitting projects & 2 sewing projects done!

For those who have known me for any length of time, you'll know that my project optimism runs WAY ahead of my project reality, so this is a very exciting moment for me--and, frankly, one that may never come again.

The Pi shawl is done, blocked and furred:

I ended up making up an edging for it as all the edgings I kept trying didn't work with the color striping of the yarn. Variegated yarn looks wonderful in a ball, but it's a bit challenging as a real garment. Thankfully, I sew, so when I figure out what on earth one wears with a tie-dye lace shawl, I can make it. Unfortunately--I don't know what that is yet.

This is all that's left of the 1760 yards & 4 balls I started with:

(my center-pull yarn ball sort of threw-up) It didn't physically take a lot out of the stash, but using up 1500 yards of yarn did a lot for the stash mentally. Well, I don't think it did anything for the stash mentally, but it did a lot for me mentally--it pays to be precise on these things. The stash already has a room of its own--give it mental powers and there will be absolutely no living with it.

Having had a very long week, tonight I went in for some "cheap thrills" knitting:

Oh yeah baby--those are size 10s and they're REAL!!!

Of course, even a cheap thrill takes a little effort, such as locating the yarn in this:

which translated into this when it was taken out of the shelf:

I'm torn between marveling at the overwhelming size of the stash (this is just one shelf) and being REALLY impressed with how much yarn the shelving holds. Next time my husband is our for the evening I'm going to measure that closet in the back room....

The poncho is progressing...
which you could see if I could ever get a picture of the poncho--or any knitting--without Theo on it.

The only thing he'll leave alone:

Even cats go in fear of pointy sock needles. Now if I could just get him to understand the connection between candles and singed whiskers.....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Various updates

MS3 has a mistake! I have to rip back 3 rows. While I know it could have been much worse, this may move the stole back to the Time Out Bin For Bad Projects. It was SO close!

Dem fischer sin fru is still on clue one, but in my defense, it's a long clue one. Ah well, at least being this far behind I can see how the shawl is turning out and can be assured that I don't have another MS3 on my hands.

I started the poncho's second side and have 1/6th of the new side done.

The Pi Shawl is almost done!!!!! I COULD STAY ON SCHEDULE!!! Which really makes no sense--why am I working this hard to try to finish one project every month? Should hobbies really have deadlines? Obviously, this is what happens when Type A personalities knit.

I cast on another sock. Besides needing a portable project (5 rows at stoplights every day can really add up), I have a lone sock sitting on my desk and if I finish it's mate it can be put back in the Gift Bin rather than continuing to sit on my desk.

The February sewing project.....that's a different story. I did make Andy a denim shop apron, so I'm allowing an exchange. The problem with the project I picked for February is that it's a winter project--a shirt & a pair of pajamas out of flannel backed satin (and yes, technically that's two projects, but it's the same material). All office buildings are so cold, so the shirt would be wonderful to have right now, but it's been bright and sunny (though freezing) and I want to start on summer clothes! I'm ready for spring and cotton dresses and straw hats! No more black ice! wonder they put Valentine's Day in February. Such a cold, gloomy month needs a little livening up!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

First, a little confession

First, I should probably come clean about the last post--the picture of the closet is not actually the whole stash. It's just the only part I'm willing to post pictures of--the rest is not even HALF so neat and orderly and has, in fact, overflowed (just a little) to the back room. The large pile of fleece that is teetering precariously on the table beside my computer....I'm not ready to talk about that yet.

The first part of the birthday poncho is finished & blocked, though I am willing to finally admit that it doesn't have a glimmer of a chance of being finished by Monday, though I reserve the right to be delusional enough to consider Friday.

Today I started on the February sewing project--

flannel-backed satin pajamas for me. Boise has finally gotten serious about winter and sleeping in regular flannel pajamas with flannel sheets has a bit of a velcro-effect.

Other progress updates:

30 rows left TOTAL on the MS3 mystery stole!!!!!!! Everyone else's might be swans--mine is feeling a bit more like an albatross at this point.

Dem fischer sin fru: I am still on clue 1 and some Bright Thing has already posted pictures of her finished clue 3. Like every group, knitters have their "smarty-pantses."

The Pi shawl: currently an estimated 66 inches in diameter--6 more to go and I can start the edging. Still, I think it can be finished this month--I just need to find a way to knit in my sleep....

Current stash depletion:

12.83 yards of fabric
18 skeins & 2324 yards of yarn

Anyone ever felt like casting on a bulky-weight yarn just to use up a lot of yarn quickly?????

Monday, February 4, 2008

One month down!

I have survived the first month of the Year of the Stash!!!!

OK, it's a little hard to tell that there's any progress just yet--maybe the closet is a little less overflowing. But almost 13 yards of fabric and 17 skeins of yarn have been used and are no longer "stash." And I finished both "January" projects--the pink sweater & pajamas for Andy--so I'm mostly on track.

I say mostly because

the poncho is not going to be done on time. OK, it was a long shot, but there was a slight/dim/tiny chance--perhaps if we were snowed in for the next few days???

Friday, February 1, 2008

Withdawals? Tremors? or Blogger issues?

Sometime between adding the original post and this evening my pictures had all disappeared. Bet you thought the lack of new yarn had just muddled my senses enough to make my writing incoherent, huh?

Well, that may indeed be the case, but another skein of 197 yards has just bitten the dust. I may be going through withdrawals, but I'm still able to knit!