Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ravellenics - Day 2

Ron:  We're here at the first full day of the Ravellenic Games, and in a stunning display of knitterly discipline, Ms. Sutton has just earned her second medal by finishing a mitten ornament
for the Holiday Hurdles.  

Bob:  Two medals in two days--that is impressive, though could this mean that our contestant is getting distracted from WIP Wrestling even earlier than anticipated?

Ron:  Shockingly, she seems to have retained her WIP finishing focus, and is down to just the seams and buttons:
on the first WIP entry.  At 8:41 she's still seaming furiously, so we may see a finished item before the day has ended.
Bob:  Three medals in two days?  That would be a new record for Ms. Sutton as a knitlete--do you think the addition of a training camp has made the difference this year?

Ron:  It's hard to say this early, but even finishing one WIP will be more dedication than Ms. Sutton has shown so far this year.  Still, she has five WIPS entered in the games this year, and finishing one WIP is much different than finishing all five.  

Bob:  Five WIPs--that would truly be an impressive feat, and would bring Ms. Sutton to NINE finished sweaters for the year, putting her ahead of schedule for her 12 sweaters goal.  Could it possibly happen?  

Ron:  It's early days yet, but I think it would be an astounding accomplishment for her to finish all four sweaters by the end of the games, especially the Kauni cardigan.  Colorwork in fingering weight yarn could derail even the toughest competitor, and there are sleeves and steaking involved.  More dedicated knitters than Ms. Sutton have folded under such strain.

Bob:  How right you are, Ron.  It may be too much for Ms. Sutton, but we may still at least see one medal in the WIP Wrestling.  Will it be tonight?  Keep it tuned here to the Wide World of Wool for all the latest updates.