Sunday, August 5, 2018

I KNIT SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good heavens--

I finished the scarf!!!!!!!!!

Which brings me to a grand total of TWO finished projects for the year.  On a knitting blog.  WHEW!  Watch my speed.............

Obviously, I'm doing more sewing than knitting lately.  I'm having a lot of fun making clothes,
as you might have noticed.  I think I now have 6 of these jackets, but I'm pretty sure that no one wastes time thinking about my clothing except me, so I can wear whatever I want.  Besides, a crazy amount of clothing is better than a crazy amount of stashed fabric FOR clothing, right?  

Next up are shirts for Andy and I out of a floral cotton shirting,
 though mine is slow-going because it's a new pattern with lots of pieces and instructions that don't always make sense to me. But I'm hoping I'm making progress.  Either that or I don't yet know what I've done wrong--one of the two.

The extreme heat has wilted much of our plant live, but my zinnias have finally really hit their peak,
and it seems I have raised some mutants.  At first I just thought the seedheads on some were very unusual afer they shed their petals, but these aren't spent zinnias--

they're actual flowers.  I've never seen any zinnias like these, and as these were all planted from seeds I harvested from both the zinnias in the bed when we bought the house last year and my striped zinnias at the old house, they have to be some sort of cross between those two.  The new zinnias are kind of fun, and I'll definitely be keeping all the seeds from these to see what happens next year.  Hey look!  A hobby that's even slower than knitting! :)