Thursday, November 3, 2011

Twelve Twelves?

So, today on Ravelry there was a discussion in the Stashdown group about what challenges we're going to have next year, and one of our REALLY optimistic members suggested finishing 12 12s in 2012.  I should not encounter such wild ideas while having morning coffee, because after having convinced myself that 12 sweaters would be totally doable, it isn't too much of a stretch for me to make it exponentially harder.  Just in theory (sort of), what if I did:

1.  12 sweaters
2.  12 Christmas ornaments
3.  12 embroidered towels
4.  12 hats
5.  12 place mats
6.  12 gift bags
7.  12 pen sleeves
8.  12 washcloths
9.  12 sewing WIPS
10. 12 chair covers/decorations
11. 12 coasters

One more category....sewing would be a good idea, or maybe 12 scarves, some of which could be sewing?

Too crazy?  By which I of course mean, too crazy for ME even?