Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Here it is, the last day of April, and I haven't finished anything else.  I have, however, done a lot of gardening, been to see "Wicked" with my mother and Andy, been for my longest walk yet, and entered Middle Age:
I actually wear contact lenses, but because mine are gas-permeable (rigid) rather than soft, I need time without them every day, and last week the ophthalmologist told me I would need to switch to bifocals by next year and my glasses were really in need of upgrading THIS year because they were 7 years old and the coating was peeling off and the lenses were in sad shape and no longer the right prescription, so I did it this year.  EEEEEK!

Since I wear them so little, my frames were still in great shape, so I just left them there to have the lenses changed, and have spent the week with blurry mornings and evenings.  Unfortunately, when I'm really busy, the blurry times and time available for crafting coincided, which explains why this
is still not finished.  I'm near-sighted in general, so this should have worked, but after wearing my contacts longer than I normally do, so my eyes were always pretty tired by the time I got around to this and trying to get a pin through a bead when tired is rather a challenge.  Maybe next month.....

While Theo kept an eye on the pajama pieces for me,
I stuffed the latest ornament,
dug out one of the long-neglected projects from the closet.  I think this was actually started sometime during the back saga, so it's one of the less well-aged projects, but when I pulled it out, only the light blue bits were finished.  I used to find this a slow--but rather relaxing--sort of thing to do, but now that I have the two regular cross stitch projects, I find this a downright SPEEDY--but relaxing--thing to do.  Thank heavens, as I have another set of these as well.  I can only guess they were closing them out at some point.  Ideally, I'd like to do a set for each of the nieces and nephews (and honoraries), so I'll need to have a place to store the finished ones for a few years--or next decade.....

Last night I had crafting time, but after picking up the bifocals (eek!), I managed to bonk my head on the metal flashing on the corner of the greenhouse, giving me a small cut, a big knot, and an overwhelming headache, so I spent the evening with an ice bag on my head and self-pity and pain pills racing through my veins.  So, no crafting.  Today, to round out this Week of Fun, I'm getting a mammogram.  Some of us just know how to live.............................