Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday Recap

*  Theo and I have been cleaning up the back room
though one of us is more into supervising.  The back bedroom was where I had the movers place the boxes that weren't room specific.......and some of them are still there.  So,
we're sorting out things that can be donated to charity--including two afghans I made out of Red Heart Acrylic.  Not that there's anything wrong with Red Heart, but it isn't the softest stuff and is cheap enough that these two afghans replaced two red ones I had in college that I gave away when my color choices changed.  We haven't used them in over 7 years, so it wasn't a difficult decision.

*  The reason for this new found cleaning (because "it just really needs it" doesn't often work with me) is this:
I have always wanted a roll top desk, but they are generally really expensive and the really fun ones aren't made for computers.  But when we moved here, I gave my desk to Andy for the office, and I haven't had a desk since then.  I can't tell you how much I have been lusting after drawers.  We had run across a decent desk at a thrift shop for $50--which had unfortunately just been sold--so at first I was just stalking thrift stores for desks.  But then we decided to try Craig's List, and since used furniture can be a really good deal, I decided that if I could find one that wasn't too expensive, it was time to get the roll-top desk.  And we finally found one last week, AND managed to get it home.  The woman selling it was really nice and very close to my age, and she was recently recovered from neck surgery, so trying to maneuver the desk without sending anyone back to physical therapy was a bit of a challenge, but luckily we made it, and there was only one point when I started to do something where I had to say no, it was going to be a bad move for my back--AND it was before I actually did it, which is a new level of maturity for me.  It was a bit more challenging for just Andy and I to get it out of the back of his truck when we got home, but we did manage.  Surprisingly, I wasn't sore at all the next day (I think the white chocolate martini afterwards might have helped), but Andy has wisely lined up a friend to help move the desk into the house and up the stairs.  I, of course, would have tried it and probably ended up back in the ER, so Andy is in charge of decisions about lugging furniture around the house. 

*  I have been so careful about cutting out Andy's new pajamas, double- and triple-checking that I was following directions and getting all the notes right side up, and
the pattern yardage estimates are wrong.  ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!  To add insult to injury, I have made this pattern before:
TWICE, in fact.  But both times were with 60"-wide fabric.  Flannel is 45" wide before washing, and even without having made a single error, I do not have enough fabric to make the pants without piecing them together.  I haven't ventured to Joanns for the buttons yet, and will be in that general vicinity this afternoon, so I may stop in there on the 1000 to 1 chance that they still have some of this fabric.  Otherwise, I might pick up some black flannel.  Maybe go with the harlequin effect of the front of the right leg and back of the left be in solid and the other pieces be in pattern?  And I had even double-checked the yardage requirements before starting AND cut the sleeves out first to make sure.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

*  Feeling angry and rebellious regarding everything sewing, I decided to prewash home decorating fabrics,
though I did have the sense to spare them the dryer treatment.  This wasn't in any of the literature regarding the house when we bought it, but if you ever have a railing that looks down into the entryway, it makes a killer place to hang long pieces of fabric to dry.  A big selling point, I should think, or maybe that's just me.

*  Because I am also extremely impatient when I'm angry,  
I started cutting out another jacket in some leftover pique cotton.  I had, at least, always intended to make this jacket out of the leftover fabric, though it's a lot of sewing for very little yardage and maybe not the best choice for serious stash-busting.  But never argue with an angry woman--especially when it's yourself. 

* The Rows on WIPs project is really motivating.  The back of the toddler coat is seeing the most attention right now,
as these needles hurt my hands if I use them too long, but 5 rows here and there works just fine.  I once knit a baby sweater almost entirely at stoplights.  It took about a year, but a few rows here and there really add up.

* Getting the most action, of course, is the March Madness Sweater,
which was quite a bit longer than this first thing this morning, but my join was coming apart and I had to rip back and redo it.  This part I do remember about this yarn--of course, only after ripping back and fixing it.  I almost wish I was back in my young and naive knitting days when joining a new ball of yarn simply meant tying a knot on the inside of the sweater and going merrily on with knots all over and not a single end woven in.  Ah......the good old days....:)