Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Oops--Where Did The Week Go?

It has been a busy week!  After attending TWO parties on Saturday, there was a lot of resting on Sunday,
 but I did manage to finish off some details on a few gifts,
like the bows for the ballet slipper ornaments,  wrap gifts (using the small bit of the crafting table I have cleared up), and Andy took packages to the post office on Sunday.  I dropped the last one off after an appointment on Monday, and I think everything is shipped for the year.  Or most of it.  I think. 

There has been some crafting,
including a new bowl with slanted sides.  These are by far the hardest to make as I can't use the sewing machine as a guide, but I'm getting better.  There has also been a bit of knitting,
and the new red scarf is almost half finished already.  I just finished the holiday letter and the first cards will go out tomorrow.  I'm dragging around with a cold, but I think I can still make the Secret Santa party tonight. I was really dragging yesterday, but I'm not sure if that was from the cold or the cold medicine, but it's really just a minor annoyance today.  One week until Christmas, I think a cold is probably almost mandatory.........