Thursday, January 7, 2010

Things A Knitter Might Wonder While Taking Prescription Drugs

*  If there is a worsted-weight yarn, why isn't there a bested-weight?

*  Is Fun Fur really fun?

*  Did the first knitter actually know when he or she made mistakes, or was that privilege reserved for the second knitter?

*  Would tea help my bronchitis more if I knit it a tea cozy?

*  Why did Red Heart Yarn become so popular in the 1970s?  Were drugs really that widespread?

*  How many cotton sweaters must I knit before I realize that I rarely wear them?

*  Can I make it an entire year before losing my resolve and resubscribing to every knitting magazine I can find?

*  Do people knit "willy warmers" just because it's fun to say, or do some people actually wear them?

*  What does it say about me that I was able to teach myself to knit using just a cheap booklet, yet couldn't even begin to figure out tatting even though both grandmothers tried to show me?

*  Will the third year of Cold Sheeping finally end with me being able to put the closet doors back on?

*  Will my friends eventually get tired of scarves?

*  Why is all lace yarn under one yarn-weight category?  Shouldn't there be subsets, like "acceptable," "challenging," and "run for cover?"

*  Is it just a coincidence that the one who is militant about keeping the house cool (and the heating bills low) is the one who knits the sweaters?

*  How many more days of these drugs can I take before I start knitting toilet paper cover dolls???????