Monday, August 8, 2011


......I made a lot more progress on the grey sock without Calisto's help,
so I'm pretty sure I'll get them done for the "dead heat" stashdash.  Unless, of course, I am lured away by this:
which is also in my "dead heat" basket and could either become a hat or mittens or both.  Part of me wants to try EZ's mitered mittens again since I have not successfully made a mitten and this time I know that I need to go DOWN a needle size to get gauge, not up.  BUT part of me is thinking that I might prefer to do a hat as a hat is a finished project after one thing is done, not two.  The responsible part of me--which isn't a very big part, unfortunately--is trying to keep myself focused on the socks or the blue scarf, but I'm not sure it's a battle that part is going to win.  Would I have over 50,000 yards of lace yarn if I were a responsible person??????