Sunday, July 24, 2011

To Button or Not To Button?

I thought it only appropriate to start Craft Weekend with some embroidery

and I think Theo is thrilled.
I can't blame him--I'm pretty thrilled to have Jeeves working again, but so far, laying on kitchen towels doesn't have the same effect on me.  Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

Next up, I started working on a table runner for my friends for whom I recently made the primary color placemats.  I haven't done much with applique, but I like how it looks with the decorative stitching instead of satin stitching around the edges. 
Now I'm stuck, though.  I can't decide if I should add buttons
or just leave it with the main shapes.  I'm going to make this reversible, so adding buttons to one side might not be a great idea for the opposite side, but I don't know how flat it really needs to be.  So, what do we think--buttons or no?