Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Holiday Sunday

The good news is that we really only have one super-busy week this holiday season.  And since it's been more than a week, you might easily guess that it was THIS week.  My hip/back is still really sore from visiting my parents for Thanksgiving, but we've still managed to see the Carole King musical, Beautiful, with my mother on Wednesday, then "helped" some friends bottle their wine yesterday during the day, then went to a holiday house concert last night (I even performed), and then tonight we have a dinner to go to.  I'm pretty worn out, but it's all fun--and tomorrow I can rest. 

There has been some crafting since my last update.  I did a new bowl, 
and, what's really exciting, is that I sliced up ALL the remaining fabric
from the Spicy Spiral runner
 for Andy's parents' 60th wedding anniversary last year.  This is a big thing for me, because I really loved how it turned out and the fabric, and using up the last of it will truly mean it's all gone.  ALL GONE.  And I've even started the bowl that will use it all up,
though I did learn that this isn't something I can do while on muscle relaxers or too much medication.  I started it earlier in the week when my hip/back was at it's worst, and when I examined it later, I had to restitch much of it because I'd missed sewing the rounds together.  Oops.

I also finished the second fall leaf runner, 
 and they are now in the gift bin, got another ornament done,
and this morning I'm trying out the tree design. 
I love the applique and lace ornaments, but the fact that one can use up scraps on them,
is probably not helping my compunction to hang on to scrap fabric.  Oh well--at least I have found a use for it, right?  And it would probably only take 100 or so of these to make an actual dent in my scrap basket.......:)