Friday, June 10, 2011

No Wonder

There's still no word on Jeeves yet, but I have a lot of faith in the new dealer and I know he's actually looking for the problem, so I'm not too worried about it.  I did, however, finally find an answer to a question that is bouncing around the internet.

Husqvarna sewing machines have changed drastically since the VSM buyout.  They used to be made in Sweden.  They are NOW made in Shanghai, China.  So, it doesn't just feel  like the company has changed and that the machines one used to be able to depend on are total crap.  When was the last time you heard of a product made in China that wasn't cheap unreliable garbage?

The good news is that Jeeves and Emma are both old enough to have been manufactured in Sweden, so I'm set for a while, but I would never buy a Husqvarna again.  Thousands of dollars for junk produced in China?  Not likely.