Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This Could Be A Really Cruel Trick....

So, under close kitty supervision
I decided to lay out the latest quilt blocks (see, I have been doing something since I finished that book), and see what blocks I still needed & how many more I thought I should makeand for future reference: This quilt would be SOOOOOOOOO much easier if one of the materials didn't have a directional print on it--and there would be less foul language in the sewing room. Probably.

The blocks create this nice pinwheel effectbut for fun, I decided to try laying it out another way.
When I uploaded that photo I thought I must have broken my camera. Looks all blurry, doesn't it? Nope, it's just the way the blocks make it look.It's bad enough that the print all has to be going the same direction, but it's printed crookedly on the fabric, and I think an entire quilt looking like thiswould drive someone crazy.

We'll be sticking with the original layout. I have no intention of ending up in the funny farm from quilting this thing......