Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's February 1.....

So it's time for the next Project of the Month bag.
Technically, I'm cheating a little as I actually knew which bag I was pulling out. A few years ago I decided to try stamped cross stitch (and counted cross stitch, but we don't talk about that). I actually really enjoyed the stamped cross stitch, and finished the first pillow case in a reasonable amount of time. The problem?Yep, this would be the SECOND pillow case. To be fair, it's almost done, but it's been "almost done" for about 2 years. This morning I have already outlined three leaves, finished a little flower, and gotten a great big thread snarl.

I also put this in the bag:which technically is a second project, but since this is all I have done on it,it can use all the help it can get.

I picked this bag on purpose because lately I have really been in the mood to do some needlework--probably because I have a deadline to meet with that pink blanket and nothing turns me into a hobby-flake like a deadline. Since I can't buy yarn or fabric, I have caught myself browsing needlework catalogs and wondering about needlepoint and crewel embroidery--which I've never done--and even browsing latch hook rug kits--which I have done and enjoy doing but can never figure out what to do with when they're finished. I know I'm looking for a surrogate hobby to be able to purchase and all of that....but that doesn't mean I'll be able to restrain myself. (Let's face it, if I had that sort of willpower I wouldn't have a 10-year supply of yarn, now would I?) I thought a little stamped embroidery might head me off.

And we might even get a pair of pillowcases out of this.....