Friday, February 17, 2012

Finishing Friday

For winter, we have some snowflakes Andy made to hang in the entryway,
because otherwise it's really sort of stark and bare.  For spring I've often hung some flower garlands across the top, but then it's a constant battle with the cats to A) keep them off the railing, and B) keep them from beating up the flowers while ON the railing.  So I got the idea today to make some big fabric flowers to hang.  With, of course, my fearless assistant:
I made a flower petal pattern on some scrap muslin,
scrounged in the quilting fabric bin for some spring/flower colored material
and discovered that I had enough fabric for a seriously anemic flower or one side of a reversible flower.  (Note to self:  unless one is actually serious about quilting, 1/2 yard is a pretty stupid amount of fabric to purchase).  Next came deciding how many petals the flower should have,
and I just didn't think 6 worked that well, so I opted for 7:
which would make it a fuller flower and OH SO MUCH more challenging to lay out correctly.

I decided the other side should be from a bright yellow fabric, and after some debate I used one piece of my heaviest (craft weight) stabilizer to give each petal some stiffness:
 Then my little helper and I
 started working out how big to make the center.
(Some of us were more enthusiastic than others)
There was a bit of a mix up when I actually sewed the center pieces together BEFORE pinning it to the petals, but I got it all ripped out, repinned, and everything sewn together
 and unless one looks really closely, I don't think anyone can tell that I got everything slightly skewed by the time I was done.  And, in all fairness, this
is WAY too big and floppy to hang from anything, but I think it will be cute on the table or something.  I could make another and stuff it with cardboard if I was sure I'd never need to wash it, or maybe I can find something plastic that could work.  In the meantime, shall we call decoration number 1 a centerpiece?