Monday, August 24, 2009

My Knitting And I Had A "Date" Today

So I am knitting less and less all the time as I find more & more stuff to do around the house, so today I made a date with wool. After canning & before going to the gym I promised myself one hour of uninterrupted knitting time. It was tough, and I almost got distracted by a bed that needed sheets changed, but I actually did it and this poor little shawl:
which was started on June 2 and promptly abandoned, now has 9 more rows! It's really more hunter green than blue-grey, and there isn't a full pattern repeat there yet, but I am quite proud of myself. Really, I wanted to cast on something new to work on--and had even flirted with the idea--but when I finally sat down I didn't want to be bothered with gauge or size or anything new, so a WIP WON OUT!!!!! Whoo hoo!!! Call Ripley's!

I have a new theory--if I can manage one hour of uninterrupted knitting time per day that would pretty much double my knitting output for this year as it's been a bit pathetic, and then this fall when canning season is over......? Might I get to 20,000 yards yet?????? Or this poor little shawl might at least be finished