Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Well, more accurately, I got to change it, but thanks to this wonderful sweater,
I have actually used up another ball of yarn from the stash!!!! Hallelujah!!!

So, my goals for the year are to read 100 books, knit 150 balls of yarn, and use up 150 yards of fabric....and I'm pretty much behind on all of them. I blame the recent lack of knitting on spring fever--we've had a couple glorious days of sunshine, though that doesn't give me any excuse at all for today. We can blame that on the mind-numbingly large skeins of yarn I'm using for all of the current knitting projects. Really, how can someone who is trying to use up balls of yarn in her stash be dumb enough to be working on 3 lace projects simultaneously??? Really, WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heaven help me, at this rate I'm going to be into that Fun Fur yet......