Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm Sewing!!!

Well, embroidering. 
 But for the last couple weeks, the sewing room has been overtaken by the political consulting work, so it feels good to have it back to being a craft room for the day.  I'm even feeling a great sense of accomplishment because I had to locate the hoop (hallway), stabilizer (guest room), embroidery unit and embroidery thread (master bedroom), so it's really like a crafting scavenger hunt. 

A friend of mine just adopted two puppies, and we are having a puppy shower for her tomorrow, so I wanted to make something for the new arrivals.  Originally I thought about some sort of doggy Christmas stockings, but was running low on time, so I ran by Joanns yesterday to pick up some dog print fleece.  Theo was absolutely horrified by the idea at first

but clean, fur-less fabric proved too much for him this morning.
I've trimmed the edges with a scalloped blade on my rotary cutter, which I bought a while ago and hadn't used.  It made my whole day yesterday just to be able to find the cutter AND the blade.  My back up plan was briefly to use the pinking shears....until I discovered I hadn't the faintest idea where they were.  I'm hoping this process motivates me to keep the sewing room clean and well-organized once it's back together.  Nothing else has, but a few months of having my crafting strung all over the house has REALLY made an impact I think--and thankfully not from anything dropping on anyone's head. 

In my free knitting time, I've been working on the baby sweater and
the new brioche scarf.  I am hoping at least one of them can be finished by the end of April, which I think shows real maturity on my part.  Under normal circumstances, I'd be hoping for BOTH.  And maybe another shawl.............:)