Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A New Knit-Along

For the uninitiated, a "knit-along" consists of a group of knitters making the same project & helping each other, commiserating, and a few speedsters gloating about how fast they finish each project.

As much as I don't particularly care for the MS3 stole--henceforth known as the Beaded Knitting Abyss--it was fun to be part of a knitting group. My friends locally have other hobbies--usually scrapbooking--but as much as I support their right to have hobbies, I don't really want to hang around them with my knitting while they have dozens of sharp cutting implements laying around. So, rather than convert, I have joined another KAL.

Elizabeth Zimmermann, a revolutionary knitter who would probably not have hesitated to smack someone with a size 11 knitting needle for trying to sell patterns for garter-stitch scarves & plain socks, wrote a book in 1974 called Knitter's Almanac. In it, she provides instructions for a new project every month, but in such a folksy, conversational way that the book is fun to read by itself without any knitting needles involved. The projects may not be at all trendy, but to be honest, I'm not either. Tonight I opened the door for the pizza delivery man while wearing crossword puzzle flannel PJs and slipper socks with cat heads on them, so I'm not one to criticize from a fashion front. The great thing about the book is that it emphasizes learning to knit as a process instead of blindly following charts. After all, the first person to pick up two sticks and a piece of string and decided he/she could make something out of the combination probably didn't find a copy of Vogue Knitting laying beside them.

The only potential problem for this KAL is that it is sponsored by a yarn website called Knitpicks. A yarn site, moreover, with great stuff. You see the problem here, don't you? It's like having an alcoholics-anonymous meeting at a local bar or pub.

Maybe scrapbooking would have been less dangerous after all.......