Saturday, October 26, 2013

Only 4 Behind Now!

"Finishing Friday" got scrapped this week for getting ready to have friends over last night--a very worthy cause indeed--but today I've got some crafting time before we go to a Halloween Seafood Boil tonight.  So,
there are new mitten ornaments!  Can we tell how much I love the green and white mitten combo?  With these done, I have 70 ornaments left to go for the year.  Time for the sewing room!

I'm still stuffing the cat ornaments,
and have outlined a few more ornaments to work on,
 so maybe I can get caught up today. 

First thing though,
during the whole 2-year back saga, I have spent an insane amount of time in pajamas, and my very favorite pajamas--homemade, even--developed a hole in the seat.  Do you mend things?  I've been getting better about it--especially when it's something I really like or will be really expensive to replace. I still had some scraps of fabric from making these, but as I didn't even attempt to make the repair match, so it wouldn't matter.  I know flannel wears out easily because of its loose weave, but I think when I am brave enough to attempt a fabric store, I'll get some black flannel for another set of pajama pants for when these are finally beyond repair.  Flannel is a lot like denim--when it's finally really soft and wonderful, it's about ready to rip out.  I've repaired Andy's pjs a few times as well--when you make things, it's a lot harder to just toss them away.  They might get demoted to "never wear in public again," but we've acquired a new status around here:  "limping along until Toni finds time to make a replacement."  I foresee this as a very popular category here at Chateau Sutton-Goar.

And in the most exciting news,
pre-ordering the thread actually worked!!!!!  Joann Fabric mail-order has generally been pretty lousy to work with in the past, so I was afraid two weeks might not be enough time for it to arrive, but I am all set now for crafting vacation!  I might be bouncing out of bed at 5:00 AM on Friday to tear into these.  This is so exciting!!!