Sunday, July 7, 2019

Last Day of a Long Weekend

I've had a 5-day weekend, which would be more impressive had my boss not bothered the sales staff repeatedly with unimportant emails to remind us we needed to sell things and if we hadn't worked insane hours the weekend before last and STILL had to show up on the following Monday at 8--which not even the stupidest charity in the world would expect.  And the extra days were NOT charity--we won them in a sales contest.  Next time we'll know to request a break from the sales manager as well....

I've spent much of my mini-vacation crafting.  Wednesday I made Andy's birthday gift,
finishing it even a bit early, which is kind of amazing.  I debated about the next project, then remembering that the sewing room is still pretty much a crazy mess, and decided that the next project would be something I could find.  So, flannel in July:
Sure, it's crazy-hot now, but this will be a lovely shirt for winter--as soon as I figure out which buttons.
I thought the black ones would be the right choice, but I'm not sure when I look at them.  The top button is a nice grey, which I think is my favorite.  This is why there's a button stash.  I've tried buying buttons for each project as I go, but I rarely like the ones I pick out once the project is finished. 

I've also finished the current socks,
and have the next ones ready to cast on,
Sometimes one just needs to work on a sock, don't you think?

This morning, Venus and I are cutting out a new jacket.
I stiffened the fabric quite a while ago, but even though I bought the fabric specifically to make yet another draped jacket, I started debating whether I should do something else with it, so it's been in Project Paralysis for several months.  So, I'm cutting it out, and have decided my newest resolution is to use things for the project for which they were purchased.  I don't know about you, but I have fabric and yarn I've purchased specifically for a project, but then I start second-guessing myself:  should I do something different with it?  Is this really the right thing?  Should I find a different project?  How many of one pattern can one really use?  And then I don't do anything.  So, I have hundreds of yards of fabric and thousands of yarn, and I'm going to use them. As soon as I find them....

In other events, I got braces two weeks ago.  I had them in junior high, but my orthodontist didn't really understand how much teeth move in a lifetime, so when my bottom retainer broke off, he didn't think it needed to be replaced.  Well, it did.  So, now I'm going through my second round, and I can't believe how much they hurt.  I do remember them hurting when I first got them and after each appointment, but two and a half weeks later, I am STILL eating mostly soft food and blended things, and one tooth is so sore that even flossing it hurts.  Eighteen months of this. I can barely manage pasta.  The one saving grace is now I'm old enough for alcohol, which mercifully doesn't have to be chewed, and now there are more dairy substitutes.  I've been allergic to milk my entire life (true allergy, not an intolerance, which is kind of rare), so things I could be eating like cottage cheese, creamy soups, etc. are not options for me, though we have found some dairy-free yogurt that isn't terrible.  And, thank heavens, there are some outstanding dairy-free ice cream substitutes, which can be eaten for lunch when one is whiny enough.  I do need to lose some weight, and being unable to eat hardly anything does seem like a good start, though I was hoping for something like eating sensibly and exercising more.  17 months, one and a half weeks to go.............