Saturday, July 14, 2018

Tomorrow Will Be 3 Years on the Sheep!

Tomorrow it will be 3 YEARS since I last bought yarn!  (And 45 days since I last bought fabric, in case anyone had any questions about "substitute stashing.")  Packing up all the yarn and moving it really helped with the motivation.  Unfortunately, during the last 3 years there hasn't been a great deal of knitting so the stash isn't a lot smaller, but at least it hasn't grown any.  

Last year crafting lost out to moving, and this year it lost out to yardwork.  The house we bought has a lot of really lovely landscaping already done, but I still planted a crazy amount of new plants.  This is one of my new additions:

Our backyard at the old house was hot, windy, uneven and really badly landscaped, and really REALLY loud with both airport and freeway noise, so we are just loving the backyard.  It's super-hot here now, but we have lots of shade so we can be out there most evenings. 

Yesterday I played in a charity golf tournament in 100-degree weather.  I haven't played golf in probably 15 years and didn't play much to begin with, and honestly didn't know what it might do to my hip.  The good news is, my hip is fine.  The bad news is, the rest of me is pretty stiff this morning.  Guess there aren't too many movements in life that resemble swinging a golf club.  I'm not a huge fan of golf--especially 18 holes--but it was a scramble, so we could play the best ball each time and I did contribute a few good shots and sunk a pretty decent putt, but I also missed the ball a few times and dug a few rather brilliant holes in their grass.  A friend of mine was in charge of it, so that's how I came to be involved.  It supports an organization that assists the developmentally disabled or challenged individuals, and I've done a tour of the facility and can whole-heartedly say they do a great job, so I'm glad I did it, though I'm not sure I'd play an afternoon tournament in July again....

Sunday, July 8, 2018

A Long,Hot Weekend

While I had to go in to work Thursday morning, I was able to take Friday off and spent the day in the sewing room. With my sidekicks,
who love the latest sewing room aquisition:
a sewing cabinet with electric lift
It's not pretty, but the lift mechanism alone was worth what I paid for it.  There's still a lot of organization left to do in the sewing room, and I hung these too low
so I keep knocking thread off when moving sewing projects.  They're cheap little racks I found at Joann Fabrics, but the spindles are small enough that my bobbins can stay underneath their matching thread spool
so they're the best organizational system I've found for thread.  BTW, don't ever pack thread racks with the assumption that they'll stay together--they won't, and it will be a large mess.  Just in case you were wondering.

My embroidery machine is having problems again, but it can do some designs without issue, so  I was able to make some dragonfly towels
 and I'm willing to count them each as a project for this year.  I'm still finishing things and filling up our gift bin, so it all counts.  I also finished the stippling on one of the poppy runners
 so it's ready for binding, but I took the opportunity of a vacation day to make this:
which is Andy's birthday present.  He had said he didn't really need any new shirts for a while, but when I found this fabric I just couldn't resist it and he loves it.  I'm not learning good lessons about rampant fabric purchasing, because yesterday I made this from fabric in my last purchase,
and love it.  It was clearance fabric, so it cost about $6 in fabric.  I keep reminding myself that fabric is only a bargain when I actually USE it....and have unsubscribed from all fabric sale emails just in case.  Ahem....

This morning I'm cutting out a second jacket from this,
which was also purchased this year.  Did I mention the fabric-buying binge since we moved?  Yeah--I'm back on the fabric wagon for a while.  Probably a long while.  But I do get a big boost in yardage with this,
which is the horrible fabric sent me instead of the fabric I ordered which they won't make right and which is now in the donation bin.  Someone might think it's attractive, right?

Today is supposed to be almost 100 and we won't see temperatures under 90 for the foreseeable future, so I won't be spending all my free time working on the yard and garden, so maybe I'll be able to make a small dent in the fabric stash this year--or at least in the new fabric stash.  Which does actually work out as the old fabric stash needs some organization before I can find anything easily.........

We're never moving again.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

New lesson learned

Billowing pant legs might not be the best idea around rambunctious kittens.
But I still love these pants.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

There Has Been Crafting!

So the problem with the terrible "trainer" at work did NOT get resolved, but at least last week we got a bit of a reprieve because all but one of the sales team came down with a vicious cold and all but one of us called out sick on Monday.  I, unfortunately, was not the lucky one who missed it, but this
was a better way to spend the week than in "training."  Ugh.

Since I'm still dragging around with the cold, we had a slow weekend and I even got time to do some sewing.  The first poppy table runner is done,
 and today I finished the full-length version of this:
 in a light pink crepe and started a summer shirt for Andy's upcoming birthday, which I could even finish in time.  Sorry--should I have warned you before saying that?  Sure, I still haven't even started his Valentine's gift, but let's focus on what's working, shall we?

In trying-to-stem-a-problem news, it's now been 32 days since I last bought fabric, and I think it's a good thing when I say that has removed themselves from my field of temptation permanently.  In my last order, they sent me the wrong fabric, and not only will they not make it right, they won't even return my emails.  I'm only out $10, but I think it saved me a lot of money in the long run as I had ordered from them several times.  According to online reviews, they have a pretty consistently poor record for customer service, so I might be lucky to only be out $10.  And one less source of temptation....

As of today, I have 17 finished projects for the year....33 to go.  It's possible, right?