Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

Independence: The freedom to choose to NOT work on swoopies if you don't want to work on swoopies.

As today was a national holiday, I decided it was a time for fun projects.

A sleeve finished and a second sleeve started on Sitcom Chic (notice the new yarn tally--9031 yards!!!):

A new summer ensemble for my loving husband:
And a soon to be skirt and dress from this lovely cotton that I've had in the stash for at least a year:

When this is done, I will used up about 42 yards of material, which doesn't sound like that much until you think about laying it all out on a football field (not that I follow football, but after 2 years in college marching band I do have pretty intimate knowledge of football fields, as well as how much one can smuggle inside a trumpet case). It may not have made a noticeable dent in the stash, but I have sewn farther than most people can kick. I have no idea why, but that thought makes me feel good.

Maybe if I think about that long enough, I'll feel motivated to tackle that last swoopy tomorrow....