Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Down To The Wire....Or Past IT

So....I didn't get all my Christmas cards sent before we left for California, so today Theo helped me send out a few more

then watched while I shoveled the 3-4 inches of snow from our sidewalks and driveway.  Then I think he decided I was just completely crazy, because he left me for most of the rest of the day.  Taking advantage of the opportunity, I have kittyless pictures!  First, the finished scarf

the alpaca sweater with buttons,

which is a FABULOUS sweater.  I have already worn it about 10 times.  Love, love LOVE it!!!


Ta-da!  The December project of the month!!!!!  So far I have two wine bags and one little bag done, which I have managed to make a seriously bizarre shape which I attribute to sewing while under the influence of cold medication.  Same excuse for that last sentence.  The cold is STILL with me and is beginning to make surgery recovery look both pleasant and short.  I rested a lot yesterday that didn't really seem to help and I wanted to get my December bags done.  Largely because NOW I have used up 75.265 yards of material from the stash, which is more than I used up last year!  And as this is going to be the only big news for the 1009 stash-busting year, I just couldn't pass the opportunity up.

Tomorrow I hope to get the 4 remaining bags finished (they are partially done, just don't get to count until they are truly finished), then maybe get one more ball of yarn onto the tally before I begin the BIG challenge....

100 Projects in 2010!