Sunday, June 8, 2014


Ignoring for a moment that I should be at 50 finished projects by the end of this month, I am still pretty excited about finishing the trick or treat bag.  It still needs to be washed to remove the cat hair and chalk lines, and I had to come to terms with this
because those lines connecting the bear's face aren't the usual "jump" threads that I can cut away--those are actually stitches that I just can't get at without injuring the design.  I think I can remove this sort of thing from a design using the embroidery software--we'll add that to the List of Things To Look Up When I Find The Manual.  It's becoming a very big list.

The other side turned out fine as well,

though there seems to be some damage to the writeable card I'm using to transfer designs, because it jumped between the "r" and "e" in "Treat" again, but knowing it was going to jump and when, I was able to slide the design back and finish it without too much trouble. 

This is the first bag using a lighter poly/cotton broadcloth.  It has more sheen to it and doesn't wrinkle, but the thinness and slight slipperiness made it a bit challenging to work with.  I ended up using fusible fleece as a stabilizer, which seemed to solve the problem, and gives it a nice stiffness to the bag, so I'm very pleased.  And it's FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I finished more gift bags,
and need a break from bags for a while.  For Andy's birthday, I promised him a new set of summer clothes, so I have broken my fabric-buying ban for this lovely tan,
which is now thoroughly covered in cat hair.  Good help is SOOOOOOOO hard to find.......and bad help is so difficult to hide from.

I have the rest of the day to craft, but haven't yet decided what to do with myself.  Start a new sewing project?  The beaded scarf?  One of the ornament kits?  One good thing about having a monstrous stash--the possibilities are ENDLESS!