Saturday, January 10, 2009


After all the hassles of and the extra yarn for thisI decided to run to Michaels yesterday afternoon to pick up the 2 skeins I need to finish the blanket. I'm using Bernat Baby Coordinates, which is the sort of widely-available acrylic yarn one finds almost everywhere.

Except at Michaels. I don't know if Boise has recently experienced a knitting stampede or if Michael's is discontinuing yarn, but they had very little yarn and certainly not the one I was looking for. No problem, I thought, I'll check at Hancock Fabrics just a mile or two away. Nothing--I don't think they even carry Bernat.

Not that I think they deserve my business, but there is a Joann Fabrics next to the Hancock Fabrics store and frustration often overrides peevishness, so I did stop in, but they didn't have any yarn of any sort. All my peevishness was restored and then some.

The point of true desperation had arrived: I went to Walmart.

I loathe everything about Walmart. Trade practices, that cheap Walmart-only brand that breaks in the parking lot, the not-quite-full-time-so-we-don't-have-to-pay-benefits policy, the greeter who no longer hands out carts, and the whole cheaper-is-always-better mentality it inspired, so you can imagine the depth of my desperation if I was willing to try there. And....

Nothing. Sure, they at least had yarn, and even the right brand, but not the right color.

Enough is enough--there's an online store that ALWAYS has any acrylic yarn one could ever need. Sure enough, Herrschners had 14 skeins left, and two are on their way to me at this very moment. I was too frustrated to even browse the needlework on clearance. Not that I do any needlework (working on a cross stitch for a few minutes every year doesn't really count), but their catalogs always make me want to take it up. Obviously it's during those times when I find knitting just a little too speedy.....and then I come to my senses. Sort of.

I made it an entire year without buying new yarn, and at this rate, I'll make it another month before I get the new yarns I allowed myself as a reward. REWARD YARN SHOULD NOT BE THIS HARD TO GET!!!!!!!